Subhasis Ghosh

I have downloaded the app and so have nearly 10 crore of my countrymen. Only those who have lot of spare time to engage in scaremongering, those who have activities to hide and those who simply want to run down everything that the current government does, are opposing this initiative.

Tishya Venkatraman

I agree, there are legitimate concerns about Aarogya Setu. It must fully adhere to a do-no-harm policy, ensure vigorous privacy protection, always give individuals an option to opt-out, and minimise the risk it poses to our civil liberties. However, there is no alternative to epidemiological data - simply none. If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. Saying "if apps like Aarogya Setu are hailed as silver bullets in the management of a health crisis, it will shift focus away from proven mitigations strategies such as increasing the capacity of healthcare infrastructure, public awareness campaigns, and citizen-centric solutions like mask wearing and physical distancing" is only partially correct. Those strategies work, but contact tracing, collecting public health data, building healthcare surveillance systems is absolutely vital to mitigating not only COVID, but also the overall disease burden this country faces. It is not an either/or situation. The usefulness of the app/data is not in question, but the government's intentions are.

Pragmatic Thinker

Its just common sense that how can an tech/app determine my right for livelihood. How can an app determine whether i should be allowed to work or not, their by directly determining my earnings. What if an symptomatic or positive guy buys a new phone with a new sim & roams around?

High End Craft

Services and freedom of movement is being denied to those without ownership of a smartphone, gsm number and active Aaarogya Setu app in several locations and states. Is this a massive infringement of rights or not ?