Welingkar Triyambak

Why is it not surprising that the reporter makes not a single comment on whether the Tamil Nadu government asked Mosques, Churches and religious places of other communities to make a similar contribution- whether an Act is in place or not? Like the TN Government, the media dares not ask this qeustion lest their "secular" credentials are questioned. Hindu Temples must pay, but Missionaries and their churches, Muftis and their mosques which gets contributions from foreign sources in many millions annually, must never be asked to contribute. Why?

Mahesh KM

Kudos to the Hindus groups which stood up to this loot of Hindu temples. At last the Hindus have begun to recognize the injustices meted out to them in the name of sickularism.

Abhishek Kumar Yadav

Today karnatka govt asked waqf boards to contribute to CM relief funds. Muslims all over have started directly saying, waqf board properties r for d upliftment of poorer muslims. Well off muslims donated their assets to help muslims to do their welfare.christians do charity with motivated intention. They convert Hindus by giving money,donated in churches.why not Sikhs r accused of being motivated for their langar. Because they don't convert.they organised langars even in Syria&iraq.where no non muslims exist.when muslims can claim waqf property for being only for Muslims. Then how Hindus property for all can b used.that too on d same tym, govt is giving money to muslims for ramzan almost 22cr.in Patna, mahavir mandir trust run cancer hospital for all.sikhs in nirankari colony Delhi Run hospital for free. Y govt need to take money by twisting arm.one way secularism has made Hindus pay much.hindus r victim. &muslims&christians charity r motivated. So, don't only see work, but intention is also inseparable part of any deed.

L narasimhamurthy

Churches and mosques are under the control of their respective religious followers.But the "secular governments"control and administer only Hindu temples.What sort of justice is this? Thousands of archakas in hindu temples are given a pittance as salary.Even that meager salary is not paid to them properly and in time.The Hindu temples own thousands of acres of lands.But rent arrears from those who cultivate temple lands run in to crores.The HRCE department seldom turns to rectify these things.They and the Government are interested only in collecting Temple money from the Hundis and credit the money to government coffers. Temple art pieces idols icons are smuggled abroad in thousands and the Government is least bothered to rectify.While those JSc who administer hindu temples in air conditioned cars the archakhas are eking out a miserable life bordering on dire poverty. Are only hindu Temples expected to contribute to the Government*s coffers to fight Covid-19 virus?why the government does not have the guts to ask churches and mosques too ro raise to the occasion?Why try to make only Hindu temples scapegoats? RR Gopalji deserves all kudos for taking up the issue and safeguarding the interest of Hindu temples.The real dawn and freedom for Hindu temples will emerge only when their administration is freed from government control and vested with religious devotees and their mentors

ashwin kumar

“But when the government asks for charity from Hindu temples, they block it.” This is clever wordplay. Government is not asking for charity from temples and nor are temples saying no to feeding people. Government is asking for money and hence more control indirectly. There is a very clear difference.

roshan d

This is underlying trouble in our country. Our leaders always target one religious institution at a time. Why cant it be a blanket contribution by all the religious institutions? All mosques, churches and temples have more than surplus that the trustees enjoy (some places, not all). These should be taken into account and taxed. Why can these institutions not contribute without hesitation? The government should target all not leave one or the other... One Law for all!


finally Hindus standing up for the rights!

Chandra Ramesh

The author, makes a very clever attempt to skirt the real issue. Muslim/Christian religious institutions not being asked to contribute, while forcibly extracting money from Hindu temples. Religion based discrimination - plain and simple. And hence the resistance. Let all religious organisations contribute according to their capacities. Can there be any objection to that? Control of only Hindu temples is itself discriminatory.

Ikp Ikp

Absolutely correct. The writer wants to paint Hindu activists in bad light. If the writer was genuine the article should have focused on why Muslim/Christian places of worship were not asked to contribute. They will then fall back on the logic that only temples are under Government control. The larger issue is it is time to free temples from Government control. Why be negatively biased against Hindus