Brijesh Barthwal

Killing, including animal is deplorable. But few psychic take pleasure in such stories. In Gujarat riot 2002, 756 Muslim & 285 Hindu were killed, Delhi riot 40 Muslim & 12 Hindus were killed. In 1984, 3560 Sikhs were butchered, none else was killed, in 90's tens of thousands of Kashmiri Hindus were butchered but none Muslim. Who is persecuted community? Minorities in Pakistan also face genocide in Pakistan.

Welingkar Triyambak

When it is Saba Naqvi covering an issue, you know how it is going to be covered and Bingo! There she goes again. Read this and someone unacquainted with India would think only Muslims suffered in those riots. Not a word about those secular Muslims from the AAP who led mobs, butchered and beat policemen and non-Muslim residents. People like Ms Naqvi painted the "anti-Muslim" bogey of CAA that caused protests and rioting because a community that gets a steady drip of such rants from mullahs and such 'educated' leaders could only react in the way they did

Chandra Ramesh

This has reference to "Ramzan in riot-torn Northeast Delhi.." by Ms Saba Naqvi wherein she makes a statement that muslims were blamed as "super spreaders" of corona virus. The Editor may please look into this sweeping statement. To the best of our knowledge (ya, we also read quite a lot), only the Tabligi Jamatis were blamed and not all Muslims. The author also claims that several Hindus also suffered. Then why there is no coverage of their health/economic status? Why the discrimination?