Vinayak Jedhe

Rest in power Rizwana. India needs many more comrades like her.

Levin Maitreyi

It is moving. A sad moment to notice that feminist journalist is no more. Her words were brimming with the voices of rural people. She weathered all difficulties to become a successful muslim feminist journalist. She must have been the horizon of hope to many disadvantaged groups. Her untimely death is a real loss for every one concerned with justice

Kanchan Singh

A face of True and fearless journalism. Rest in power Rizwana

Mantra Soni

Did she thank the MP from elected from her home town Varanasi for helping millions of Muslim women for tirelessly working to male instant talaq illegal

saliim سلیم mohammed

See, working towards the welfare of society is the job of MPs, CMs, and PMs. That's why we elect them. They get name, fame, salary, and a hefty amount of side earning after getting these posts. And why you guys have just the TT (triple talaq) topic to support your right-leaning majoritarian politics right? If they did something good that's why we elected them for, they did their job, chapter finished, lets get to the next task. This is NOT the only thing we have elected them for.

Bhashyam Nallappa

Thanks so much for sharing the story. I agree with some of the comments, that Rizwana seems too brave a girl to commit suicide. We need more Rizwanas in our society. Very well written article and I hope the writers of this article will keep us all posted on the reasons behind Rizwana's tragic death.

ketan shah

Did see ever write about Radical Islamism with in India or evils in her islamic cultural? Never because if she did she would have been dead long time ago!

Ather Ahmed ATKINS

Thank you for the moving tribute to this young journalist who was fearless and it would best if you could institute an award in her memory on fearless journalist reporting and may her life inspire many more like her in the future.

Himanshu Bhagat

Thank you for this beautiful tribute. In her short life Rizwana has become an inspiration to so many.

Chandra Ramesh

That is OK. There are innumerable people who have come up from very humble backgrounds. Those who harbour ambition and work hard do become successful. But why use the obituary to indulge in rampant grievance mongering against various sections of society? Just consider this- - "swim against the constant tide of patriarchal constraints that rise from your families, society and state" (family ok, but does the society & state prevent anyone from seeking work?) - “a country where increasingly minority lives do not matter” (is that so? In which State? What evidence is there?) - "To us, living in this country of clampdowns and arbitrary arrests, inhumanity and inequality, where there is no room for dissent" (Who is “us”? A lot of articles on Scroll are critical of the Cent. Gov. yet it is stated that there is no room for dissent.!!!) - “always clad in a burqa? (Is it true? None of her photos show her wearing a burqa!!!) - "Kashmir … women who lived with loss every day" (What about thousands of women whose kin have been murdered by terrorists? Are they not living with the loss every day?) - Why obfuscate the fact that she committed suicide? I hope the moderator will allow this.

Jennifer Paul

Didn't know this courageous young journalist, but feel her loss as much as you, her colleagues do. Please do try to find out why she took this drastic step. She doesn't found like a girl who would give up. Wonderfully written tribute to her. Rest in power!

Rare Gat

You say she was always in burka. Though there is no evidence of it. Looks like she did cover herself conservatively. Yet you choose to show a photo of her in a clingy T-shirt near a water body. Respect either to her memory nor minorities is part of mental makeup of even organizations like your .

Murali Krishna

What’s your point ? Respect what she has achieved and not the dress . P.S Have heard of her for the first time but can imagine her situation and her success .. Rest in Peace

Sahithya Venkatesan

Never have I read such a heartwarming professional tribute to a young reporter! Thank you for appreciating the ambitions and achievements of little people.

Pr Ponnuswamy

I hadn’t heard of this brave, feisty journalist and yet I am moved by the loss of Rizwana. Thank you for bringing this story to us. I hope the spark she lit, breaking many barriers, shine on. May many more such flames burst forth. RIP.