Swapnil Nimbalkar

May be...Cause poor people vote against (with) note...n peoples stranded outside country must be rich relatively and they might start casting vote... May be too practical.

Kat Simmons

Poorly written, unspecific and a lack of evidentiary support to propel argument. When quoting comment-opinions make sure to include specifically what specific text or motion is being referred to in writing, (can be condensed for reader appeal but the author’s specificity is crucial)...and commented on. Otherwise it’s without substance and lacks structure needed to support the claims. To educate the reader the author needs to have the facts quoted so the reader can be educated expeditiously, otherwise it’s ambiguous and collapses on itself from holes in the work and ambiguities left by author error. If other sources are needed to seek out to fill in the author’s gaps in information and necessary facts, then better made arguments with supporting evidence included in the editorial as is custom and essential to any true published or posted work, becomes the trustworthy piece.

Gautam Sen

Islamophobia has been normalized and almost made part of our cultural DNA. The process started before 1947, but now we’re hurtling down a cliff. The pandemic could have been an occasion to apply the brakes, but we have used it to press the accelerator. This normalization has been aided, abetted and made respectable by BJP /RSS politicians and intellectuals. That the mainstream media would join in enthusiastically was predicted by the Cobra Post sting operation of 2018, which everyone seems to have forgotten, just as they have forgotten that there are laws against hate speech, now upheld more in the breach than in the observance. The Hindutvavadi "tukde tukde gang" is now a significant section of the Hindu majority, who themselves may not constitute a majority of the nation yet, but want a second notional “partition” of the country, to drive the remaining Muslims either out of the country or into second class status maintained through social, political and economic distancing, and isolation into ghettos. If we allow this, we will have failed as a nation.

R Joseph

The old saying goes "Might is right".

Rajkamal Banerjee

Bcuz they have no money and are not on twitter