Adv VISHNU Sharma

20 lac crore economic stimulus was expected to take in to account the unprecedented migration and extreme hardships faced by these people.It was also expected the package will bring some immediate cash relief alongwith passionate appeal by our PM to stop leaving their places.His little assurance to these people could instil a sense of security and stop exodus. But PM chose to remain silent for these poor people and left them to die on the roads and tracks while walking hundreds of kilometers with bag baggage women and small children. All these persons are precious voters of India but without identity.They will be trapped to vote for those people who are responsible for their plight.

Rashid Azizi

The Supreme Court should order the arrest of all politicians , bureaucrats who are maintaining calculated SILENCE & ignoring the plight of the suffering , starving migrants & should be accountable for the deaths of its citizens . Also when these crooked, lying leaders are repeatedly saying that foodgrains & cash has been given to the destitute migrants & not one migrant has died . These people who are giving loud speeches from the comfort of their luxurious palaces are accountable & culpable for every single death on the roads & railway tracks of this nation ! These poor millions , the real voters who brought the present government to power will never vote for this insensitive , heartless party , even if there's no alternative or loud talking leader available . You cannot vote for anybody who just repeatedly lies to the people & let's them , men women and children starve & die on the roads !


No use. Like demonetization, people will forget this after some time and some other issue will take over. ONLY ONE THING WILL REMAIN... HINDU MUSLIM. BJP has mastered in fake news and corporates are helping BJP with media support. Let us forget now for better democracy.

Gautam Sen

We not only have psychopathic leaders, we have a psychopathic state which is good at deceiving voters that it cares for them. I'll never understand why the transportation of the military and security forces couldn't have been marshalled for rescuing these workers from their suffering, just as it has been used in the past for rescuing people held up in earthquakes, floods and riots. And now, after observing the alacrity with which the laws protecting labour from exploitation are being dismantled in state after state, ostensibly for enhancing "ease of doing business", can we really believe that our rulers actually care for the welfare of those who keep our economy ticking over?