It would have been better if the reporter first helped the family and then wrote the article. This virtue -shaming, establishment-bashing attitude helps nobody. Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. I am really ashamed of this pandemic opportunistic journalism in my country.

Dipendra Karmakar

Please don't be mere spectators, just do something for these hapless people in whatever way it is possible, particularly by arranging their journey to their destination. You ask for monetary help, many people will hopefully come forward to lend a hand. It is such a social responsibility that no one should shy away from, more so given the serious apathy of the political class as a whole.

Shrihari Tummala

U Whom so ever, shared the sad part, don't u have sense to help & provide complete details at least others would. Ten rupees for charging mobile u said, should have shared the number at least so that some donors would enquired.

Nityanand Heble

Is there any way, I can send money to the Sahni family?. Pl inform immediately.


India is a grate country every benefit first political leaders they enjoy everything all indians are benefit i.e. philosophy media multi millioniers support for their benefits indian freedom benefit for all business mind and higher class but not lower class our constitution also given full benefits to all high level personalities how long this continue no one change this country to a good nation

Jainam Shah

What will be the cost ?

Jainam Shah

Please give the details. Has help reached these people? Can we contribute to buy them tickets so that they can continue their journey?


Hi Mr. Shah, Incase you have the details of these people,do let me know I might pitch in someway. I also request the scroll to assist us in finding these guys.

Mohijit Dasgupta

This is very sad and no one should face this ordeal. But just out of curiosity do we know what’s the status of the family? Is there any way we can help them?