Faraan Irfan

Splendid. Thank you for a fabulous article! You should also download and see the khayal recordings from across the border on the Saarey Music app.

Mukund Kute

Being from Pakistan and from little known Gharana “Shyam Chourasi”, the duo got less accolades in India than they deserved. 10-12 years ago I heard Ustad Salamat Ali in a recording from pTV singing SIndhi Bhairavi piece “iti Ro Ro ke waat gujara, Saanwal Mod Muhara” I had never experienced the brilliance of Taans similar to Salamat’s before. Subsequent search revealed treasure after treasure of their Khayals. I fully agree with your experience statement that Nazakat prepared a solid traditional foundation in prelude that Salamat could demolish and rebuild in grand manner subsequently in his own khyal. THanks for sharing unforgettable soundclips.

Muhammad Amir

To me everything fades when I compare with them. Once you listen to this duo, they spoil your sense of appreciation, and nothing else compares after that. When you hear any Khayal or Thumri from them, it feels like your whole body and your soul have been purified.