When Govt of India is trying to control Covid 19 spread, with its limited resources and Health workers are struggling day & night, such a comment by Indian doctor is discouraging. Our main aim is to Control Covid 19 spread and data collection is secondary, which may help some professionals to submit their paper with analysis of this data to get one PHd.

Derek Almeida

If you are looking for proper data with graphs and all try Covid19india.

Nit x

Very well said doctor. Indian has to focus more on data collection, analysation, quality control, quality certification, benchmarking system, R&D in every sector if in case want to improve in every field and want in par with developed countries. Why developed countries could achieve this height in evey field because they have systematic approch / way of doing things. In regard with medical urgencies, every patients case study is important, every finding should be documented to study & research. Panel of medial experts to meet, discuss and decide a roadmap to curtail the spread of human to human transmission.

Udaya Bose

We live in a command and control polity where information sharing and its analysis is considered a threat to the "national interest"

Vinayak Jedhe

Nice article sir. India definitely needs indian medical services like IAS, IPS, IRS, IRTS where a qualified and well read doctors should be governing policies. Because of we cant always follow health ministry guidelines blindly. Otherwise we cant match up to international healthcare standards.