Ramana Gove

It is human to attribute success to us and failures to others, more so in politics.Undoubtedly the world has been paying a heavy price due to the outbreak whether it is natural or man made and accidental or intentional ! Even an advanced country like the US did not seem to take it serious enough in the beginning and the delay delivered a body bow.China too on its part delayed in conveying the news and in arresting international travel when lockdown was imposed in the beginning.Now the question is to ascertain the origin and evolution of the virus in the interest of future strategies for preventing such pandemics.For this China must extend all the needed cooperation in permitting a global body consisting of experts in various fields for an in depth study. Logically if the virus’s is not man made or at least,is not unleashed intentionally, there is nothing for China to oppose such a scientific study.As many of the vital facets of the virus such as its source, mutation patterns, exact incubation period, effect of temperature , humidity etc., prophylactic or therapeutic medications are still not certain to satisfactory standards, it is in the interest of the entire world that an accelerated, exhaustive study is carried out !On the other hand, if nations go on indulging in heightened animosities, merely hurling accusations, it would be detrimental to the global interests, more so at a critical juncture like this.