Muhammed Raza Dawoodani

Highly incorrect article. First it is Ramzan, when you translate from Arabic to English it becomes Ramadan. It is just simple grammar, you have to refer to Arabic dictionary for this. Secondly there are many practices which pre dates Islam like hajj, sacrificing animals. And ashura is the 10th day of muharram, not ramzan. Islam is a continuation of preaching of prophets of Allah. Like Moses, Jesus, Noah and Abraham. Prophet Muhammad is the last of the messenger of Allah on earth and with him the revelation of Allah ended.

Munavar Attari

The Ramadan vs Ramazan debate is quite frivolous. Any person with basic linguistic skills will know that the letter pronounced dhwaad in Arabic is pronounced as zaad in Urdu so ‘dh’ naturally becomes ‘z’. How about extending the debate as Namaaz is actually Salaat and Roza is Sawm in the Quran? In literature using the original word might be considered to be intellectual but, in this case it seems that its our good old "fundamentalist" debate.

Usman Madha

It is that time of the year when some one from India will start the controversy about Ramadan/Ramzan. Sad to say the writer who is not a Muslim writes an article without much knowledge and then inform the populace with misinformation. Ramadan is an Arabic word. The Holy Quran was revealed in Arabic and in Arabia whereas Ramzan came from Azerbaijan/Turkish language. Hence, the proper word is Ramadan while the other is acceptable. As for the comment about “Ashura”, the author is completely off base. Ramadan has nothing to do with Ashura. The last ten days of Ramadan has the The Night of Power and it’s called “Lailatul Qadr” which is mentioned in the The Holy Quran. Ashura derives from the word “Ashra” meaning ten. As for Ashura, it is the “tenth” day of Muharram, the first month of the Muslim calendar. It commemorates the day when The Prophet’s (Peace Be Upon Him) grandson was martyred in Kerbala which is in today’s Iraq. Shruti Chakraborty Sahapedia, please get your facts straight before writing an article that you have very little knowledge about or as we say in the US, “Stay in your lane”.

Dr.Nishat Ahmad

Nor only preislamic era and Jewism, fasting is being practised by people of all faiths in different styles. The information is very valid. Scientifically it has been proven that INTERMITTENT FASTIN REDUCES THE METABOLIC STRESS ON THE CELLS thereby reducing the chances of diseases.

Mantra Soni

Interesting observations : War was prohibited during this one month --- indirectly goes to prove there was fighting going in all through the year. Second after that area turned Islamic wars automatically stopped because war between Muslims was prohibited --- meaning directly that fight a muslim must with the kafir because that is his religious duty.

Faiyaz Khan

@Author...your point?

Rare Gat

I'm surprised how a news site which prides it self as an news portal of accuracy and claims to follow rigorous fact checking methodology uses a fluff piece when it comes to Islam . Carrying an orientalist approach you use Jews non practicing Muslims as your sources on Islam. If you had spent 10 minutes with many scholars of Islamic studies and also practicing Muslims to cross check before putting out this drivel . You did not even get basic facts right. That you sourced it from someone else is no excuse. Did you even read the article ? Did those sources mentioned in the article not raise any concerns? While it's good to get historical back ground from sources outside the religious group it's essential to cross verify with scholars from the religion. So many universities in NCR with so many theology departments, history departments, Arabic , Persian and Urdu departments. If I were you I would apologize for glaring inaccuracies and withdraw the article. It's a blot on your website.

Tariq Quraishi

Fasting exists in Islam right from the time of Adam (pbup) & henceforth all the prophets have propogated it right upto prophet Muhammad (PBUP), the last & final seal of prophets/chief of all prophets. As of your para on "Ramadan" & "Ramzan", it's merely a difference of pronouncing the word between Arabic dialect & Urdu dialect. Your research on Islam in incomplete, maybe you need brush up your work before putting pen to paper.

Faisal Riyaz

Sir, Not only Ramzan, even the pilgrimage of Haj and the concept of a supreme diety named Allah were already known to the pre-Islamic Arabs. But due to cultural decay these practices had become perverted. No wonder the Quran at several places appeals to the Arabs that Muhammad’s message is the same what ancients already followed and the Prophet came to reform and revive the tradition. Thanks Faisal