Sushant Agarwal

A good article raising real concerns, which are likely to apply to all those who are fore-front of keeping nation’s wheels running amidst the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic. Lifting of lockdown, in spurts or otherwise, should not be taken as war against Covid-19 being over. Media continues to have an important role in preparing for long haul against Covid-19. Enduring success is more likely to be achieved by community participation through involvement of local stakeholders. On the effectiveness of disinfection by spray, World Health Organization’s Interim Guidelines dated 15.05.2020 may be taken into account.


We talk of big things,,,, pipe dreams,,, our govt talks of becoming a 5trillion Economy,, for what,,,, when we cannot afford good health care??? We have one now selected on the board of WHO,,,, who was the wise one to do so,, when a complete failure of health care can be looking on all the faces of politicians,, and today we have poor kept under the Hindmata bridge,,,, big statues wasting money have been built,, but none to take care of people like in the BEST and the migrants,,,,,, shame on this govt,,, who don't have a heart,,,,,heartless human beings starting from the top

Shrikant Walunj

Thank you very much scroll to share best employees story no one is paying attention to them. Best bus management and BMC hiding the death no. Due to Coronavirus among employees Please continue your true journalism till BEST employees get justice