Welingkar Triyambak

All Twitter warriors of the Indian Left and TMC who have giving the rest of India and the Central Government, the benefit of their wisdom about handling the worst pandenic the world has seen in a century or more: Pitiful testing per capita- lowest in the world, why no action, why a lockdown, see how poorly we plan lockdowns what can poor people do?, why end the lockdown now the cases will surge in June July and people will carry infection into the villages with its poor health infrastructure... Now all these armchair experts are back, trying to stoke regional feelings. A pathetic bunch of experts who knew how to handle a pandemic at every stage, cannot handle a cyclone? How did you think the NDRF get organised in time? Why are the casualties so low? Pathetic bunch of vultures! All you can do is tug at the carcasses and keep twittering "Woe me!".