Surya Prasad S

It is "easy" to give reservation. None of the cases mentioned have tried IIT-JEE like exams. The reason is they are poor and find these exams inaccessible. It is true even for poor people without reservations. That doesn't mean they need to be given another reservation. What poor people and disadvantaged people need is training for these exams and the means to write them like financial support. Reservation is a ridiculous system because it leads to more division between castes. None of the supporters have faced the pressure due to reservation like we students who write jee. The govt should set up coaching institutes for the deprived and fix the exam fee based on the economic level. The writers of the constitution knew of its danger and were correct in limiting it to some years but still they made the biggest mistake in assuming that political leaders will implement it inspite of 50% of the population in the reservation category. After 70 years of reservation if casteism is not removed what makes the supporters even think it will work eventually. I am a student of IIT Madras and can proudly say there is no discrimination here. At the same time I have seen the reserved students struggling to compete with us because of their lower competence. Teachers also expect a lot here and these students feel sidelined. Reservation has only lead to more divisions.

Asha Pramod

'Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result'. Reservation has not solved the problem of caste differentiation for 70 years. If it is equality that is sought, then caste must be removed from the equation completely. Give additional points for each of the following - (1) education in government schools, (2) school in rural area (3) parents income level (4) parents education level etc. These additional points can then be added to the exam score. All people suffering socio-economic discrimination will be able get benefits based on the extent of their disadvantages. Whereas those who have progressed over the last 70 years, who are now educated in private schools, living in urban areas, are financially well off with parents working in senior position, will automatically start losing some part of the benefits. As the whole process does not ask for caste and there is no quota each seat will be on merit and no one will question the ability and competence of the candidate. If what is sought is equality, then it must be asserted. A way has to be found to ensure that the truly disadvantaged in the society are able to progress without reference to their caste. Similarly all entry level jobs should be based on anonymous exams where name and caste is not mentioned. Reservation/quota linked to caste has only managed to further the caste divide over the last 70 years. Make it illegal to ask for or declare caste. Encourage caste neutral surnames.


No more reservations.. just MERIT over caste based reservations. That’s the way to progress. Reservation breeds medioracity.

REX 225

Is their another fir against scroll. In?

Sandy Tatham

I don't understand. Why not make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of caste, varna, gender, religion, etc. like other countries which implement equality for all under the law? And work on eliminating all of the horrible 'status' labels that India has. Then empower ALL people. Focus on those most needy and stop treating any group as victims. I am aware, however, that India has really weak practices of 'rule of law' and lots of corruption so prosecuting discrimination might be difficult.

harshavardhan gangavathi

There's no doubt the entire caste or religion based discrimination reeks of human wretchedness. Over the decades, the reservation system did help a lot of so called lower caste people elevate their financial and social standings. But, the fact that caste system still exists, is the proof that it's not working anymore. What's more problematic is that there's more divide and ridicule among those of having reservations and others. There's plenty of financially disenfranchised people in the so called upper caste as well and their lives are hurting in this unfair system we have created. Before bjp, even congress and every other party introduced reservations in every as aspect there is, just to further their own goals. It's even putting a lot of unqualified people in important positions. Never there has been anything even remotely as reservations having implemented anywhere in the world as solution for discrimination. There needs to be widespread increase in educating the people, more syllabus and training on how to sensitivize people on the horrors of caste or religion discriminationand punituve action against discrimination should be strengthened as well. But continuation of this old practice or introducing even more reservations will even create more of this nonsense in the coming future while people will continue to suffer on both sides. Please think before writing such bullshit!

Ranjan Chacko

Economic backwards should be the criteria and merit for jobs

Utkarsh Srivastava

I think the examples given in the first paragraph are qua Dalits, which come under SC category. However, the article is focused on OBC Reservation. Secondly, the concept of creamy layer is very important to segregate those who although belong to OBC category but have already attained the economic status and there is no further need to give them the benefit of reservation. I don't know about the data as to how many seats are vacant in OBC category but the article ought to have also taken into consideration the factor of cut-off marks, which can be a reason for vacant seats in OBC category. Contemplating this factor would have made a better case for the conclusion.

Navin Pai

The author is correct in identifying caste as one of the major impediment in the progress and reservation is the answer. But it requires major focus on improving primary education and literacy and focusing on the Scheduled Castes, Tribes and minorities. The Mandal commission did a yeoman service in terms of energizing the OBS sections who can now move ahead on their own steam albeit with the reservations. The cream layer has to be stringent to spread the benefits among the entire community. As far as other countries in the neighborhood inching ahead on certain indicators is concerned, we need to also ensure economic progress which will ensure there is enough money to sustain social welfare goals of our humongous population. We can't look at social welfare goals in isolation while we don't encourage economic freedom.