Raakesh Baskaran

Though I would like to believe what is written, I think the reality is different. We had a 'strong' Indian PM making a wishy-washy statement after the all party meeting on national TV saying pretty much the same thing as China- that there were no incursions. You have the Indian and Chinese militaries holding talks, while everyone's mother and grandmother know it is a useless exercise. We don't seem to know the difference between border management and border protection. So devoid of context, we adhere to agreements, ironically without understanding what we signed up for. The more we talk the more the situation deteriorates on the ground. Any serious country with a backbone would have deployed militarily by now to protect sovereignty and territorial integrity by now. They would have aggressively used any means necessary to restore status quo ante- any other country except India off course. The Chinese are using military coercion to change facts on the ground and to negotiate from a position of strength in talks taking place behind the scenes. They have also been able to cutdown India and Modi to size. We don't have the economic or military strength to take them on. All we can do is bleat about the violation of LAC and piously mouth cliches about de escalation and disengagement.

Rajeev Kumar Shukla

Interesting and incisive insight with elaborate chronological perspective. The ideological imprint of current power-structure is quite apparent though. A very good read.

Prof.Nagesh Havanur

The writing here is misleading. One does not engage a hostile neighbour unarmed. Our soldiers have died in vain. Even now our government is sending placatory signals to the other side.

Saju Devassy

A country cannot completely cut off talks and engagement with a neighbouring country citing lack of trust. China has started to use its economic might to intimidate it's neighbours due to increasing defence budget and it's Army upgrades, defence equipment manufacturing technology etc. China will monitor our actual defence preparedness on a continuous basis this is what we have to realise as neighbour and be very effective, efficient in our defence preparedness, expenditure to create a credible deterence. But understimating long term damage to trade, economic opportunities was probably a big price they might have to pay in the coming years.

Ranjan Chacko

Well researched and thought provoking