Emmanuel S

The author of this storey doesn't know the facts about Cheruvally Estate. Firstly, Cheruvally Estate is not a hill area.All hillock areas will be there in the surroundings forever. There are forests in Erumely side till Sabarimala and other one in Ponthenpuzha side.No water stream or any relevant small rivers there inside the estate.If any commercial activities started in this area, how will it affect Pampa or Sabarimala? But pine apple cultivation inside the estate, is really very harmful to surrounding areas, by using high quantity of pesticides and make it infertile soil.All the local residents & people wholeheartly support this airport project of the government,some people with their limited knowledge or oppose anything in the name of environmental effect can see specially in Kerala.My request is that please think positively.

Saji Mohan

I Just want to know from the article writter, which is the water stream flowing inside Cheruvally estate? We all local people, irrespective of politics, religion,support this airport project,for the development of Malanadu. Do you know by cultivating pineapples in this estate,they really killing the ecological balance here.This airport is much needed for the fast development of this backward region of Kerala.Thousand and thousand people will benefit by this airport.