Ramana Gove

The views and logic are applicable everywhere irrespective of the country. My line of thinking is based on a premise that there are two things the student must be comfortable with while on a journey of learning; the meaning ( of what is written or explained) and the concept involved.If the former is not clear, the latter can not be grasped. I have come across several brainies in many walks at various levels who would have done miracles in their academic or professional pursuits had they been taught in lower levels in MT ( mother tongue ) and had they been equipped with greater command over English language. Summary: *Teaching and learning upto school-leaving stage is preferable in MT to have more number of talented people in many walks of life *Command in English is a must if one wants do well in studies or career at higher levels *Focus on building up skills in reading, writing and comprehension in English all through schooling with stress on functional grammar only ! **The road map is ready for the student to feel that learning is fun and frolic but not tedious torture !