sashi daniels

"Google Search Results Featured snippet from the web 660 people According to Jaganmohan Reddy committee formed to investigate the 1969 riot, 660 people were killed (including 430 Muslims), 1,074 were injured (including 592 Muslims), over 48,000 people were made homeless and property worth Rs 42 million was destroyed in Ahmedabad alone, including Rs 32 million worth belonging to ...Sep 15, 2019 50 years on, a look back at the 1969 riots that tore Gujarat's ... ahmedabadmirror.indiatimes.com › Others › Sunday Read" A telling article about the current mindset. Above is a snippet. I live in Ahmedabad and still remember the horrific riots of 1969 when truckloads of corpses would arrive at the Civil Hospital. News reports state that the riots ensued in the wake of a speech by Golwalkar. The tradition continues, the last being the Delhi Feb 2020 riots.


Sir, I must convey my deep appreciation to Raju Rajagopal for having sketched the roots of such organisations like Hindu Swayamsevak Samaj, Hindu American Foundation, Hindu Students Council operating in the USA and for having exposed their hypocrisy. Thanks for publishing it in Scroll.in. The members of these organisations work day and night to spread communal virus and and spew venom against Muslims and Christians in India and they paradoxically join protest against racism in America. Why these Hindu Swayamsevak Samajis remained mute when in Malda, Rajasthan in December 2017, Mohammad Afrazul, a migrant labour, was attacked with an axe and later burnt alive by Shabu Lal, a Hindu bigot. A ghastly incident which warranted every human rights activist to condemn it unequivocally. The video went viral and shocked the conscience of the nation. This was indeed a day light murder as gruesome as that of George Floyd. This barbarity was hailed as a great act towards creating Hindu Rashtra and funds were collected for the defence of Shabu Lal ! Such incidents are galore in india and these organisations linked to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in India are the abettors to the crime by their unqualified support to Modi's regime. Tragedy is that a movement like Muslim Lives Matter does not take place in India. In America, there must be a movement to expose the Hindu Nazis and their hypocrisy. Alas, India is degenerating in to a savage society , thanks to the Government effort !