jitendrababu ambati

So much sympathy for anti national? Let these people rot in jail . Spewing hatred and poison.

Varun S

She just wants the letter to be made public...nothing but a cheap publicity stunt...

Mukul Anand

Why her letter here is posted here. Letters are confidential. I would hate my letters are read by so many people. Or the letter is not written for saibaba but for others to see?

Varun S


Maneesh Guha

She cleverly condemns the vast Indian majority for feeling imprisoned due to Covid simply b'coz they belonged to the wrong religion as per her preferences, but empathises with the kashmiris for not having internet? This cockeyed lunatic of a 'writer' never ceases to amaze me.

Ashwini Desai

Absolutely, actually it is her empire crumbling, her ideas dying having no buyers and she has audacity to say that the masses cannot think she and her ilk have to guide the mass

Tarana Khan

Reading this stopped my breath! How are we dealing with so much, I wonder. I'm sure my brain has developed protective scales. We survive, tune out everything and carry on.