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Rahul Verma

We are not fool..... We (lower income strata obcs) welcome this kind of decision ie inclusion of salary and agri in new definition of obc creamy layer..... And mps are doing politics here to uplift elite obcs via dumping lower strata obcs it's a better move than obc Subcategoriation..... Please dont try to sprinkle salt on our healing wounds.... But we opposes the relaxed ceiling of obc creamy layer..... Mps those are doing politics here ready for the next election lower obc would not forgive u..... It's better for BJP supremo to do out of these kind of public representative from BJP box who don't hv care of us

Mantra Soni

Without going into the merits of the issue in hand one thing is for sure ---- hate-Modi Industry HMI which has been lying low of late has got the straws to clutch on to.

Pam K

Politics aside , why do affluent sections who can manage and create favourable social and life conditions for themselves , need a reservation in the first place ?. This must be looked at as a fine tuning of the reservation system which is here for the purpose of creating a just and equitable society and must not to be looked politically . Many must come forward to forgo voluntarily and magnanimously , these people must be recognized for helping achieve social parity and equity . Once level playing field is achieved , reservation must give way for pure merit . It could be so purely on merit basis that even names and identity of those applying should be obfuscated untill the merit based selection process is completed. This will reduce the bad influence by extraneous activities in the society .

Suresh Ku.

Please correct 2 inaccuracies in your article. 1. Proposed limit is 12 lakhs, not 16 lakhs. As per Mandal commission recommendation, income ceiling was to be revised at a frequency of 3 years or less. This should have resulted in 9 revisions till now. But only 4 revisions have been done. The limit has been kept artificially low. 2. This is wrong to assume that only Yadavs will be effected. This move is directed against the middle and lower middle class of OBCs. See how wards of clerks are fighting it out in courts. By what stretch of imagination do they comprise the creamy layer? This is a adverse move for pan India OBCs.