Rajeev Vadjikar

The rise of a world class monopoly in India should be welcomed. Mukesh Ambani has achieved a rare feat by creating an oil-telecom behemoth. He should get full cooperation of the Indian policy makers in matters such as 26 GHz spectrum allotment so that Jio can lead the world in rolling out high data rate, low latency 5G wireless solutions for mobile applications and IOT connected industrial and consumer applications. The partnership with Google may herald a new era of low cost 4G/5G smartphones, which will bring about a digital transformation of the Indian economy.

Paul Varghese

Excellent article. The anguish of India is captured very well. I wish someone musters the courage to write a book on the Indian telecom story, to narrate how every democratic institution can be managed to amass wealth.

Anant Ch

We need a monopoly like reliance, if reliance is indeed a monopoly, to save ourselves from very high costs charged by foreign players for data and voice. It does not matter if its a monopoly or duopoly or whatever. Are we benefitted or not is the question.


But Jio has done a lot for consumers. I still remember buying 1 GB data of Airtel with 200 rupees in d past. Now see, everyone is giving at Jio rate, that means company like Airtel have looted us in d past many many years. It has a great role in giving low Affordable internet everyone. So please don't write this type of bias article. Before writing this please check facts from common people...how they feel....

Shubham Kasat

I agree partly. If monopoly comes in place, fee hike might be jio's motto for profit making. But when you talk about google and facebook, these companies don't charge you for using their services. Youtube earns money through advertising. Same is the case with facebook having earned about 96 % through advertisement. They could have exploited through monopoly. But I bet jio's monopoly would atleast be better than allowing China's huawei that pose serious security concern. The writer here failed to see the pros of what jio has brought to the telecom sector i.e.cheap and affordable internet service, although it would be hiked in future. But atleast someone played a very risky part giving free internet for like a year and digitising lots of Indians.

Karthik B Sulibhavi

Agree with Guru's comment. The years of charging high fees for limited data is unforgettable. They have profited, and they did not anticipated the threats of a disrupter in the market. Why worry about levelling the field now, when there was never a level field? As long as the CCI does not raise a concern, we should not either. The ruling government will be perceived to bend the rules just like the ones previously in power too.


My bet is reliance when first started it was same saga this is also going tô happen same way facebook will êxit out if they do got the payment apply approved Google also will do the same If they pulled out jio will crase like a pack of carda where por indians Who put lot of hard earned money will suddenly will be come poor Best way tô invest is gold gold in india is going to go 1 lakhs next 1 year

Krishan Gopal

Reliance, Facebook and google, total monopoly of Indian internet . Not a nice thing to happen for indian internet freedom and a total decimation of small entrepreneur. No one is watching this cartel being formed.

Amitabha Basu

Will the much-touted 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' turn into a 'Mukesh-nirbhar Bharat' ? Is this going to serve our people's best interests, if we have no choice but to swallow whatever Mukesh Ambani and his crony Modi regime dish out for us, even at so-called 'dirt cheap' rates ?

Quotes life

There is difference between hate and quality, have hate but lacks quality.

Varun Singh

Every rich man or corporation gets accused of wrongdoings, out if genuine grievances or simply jealousy. If the nexus of Google, Facebook and Jio will be evil, it is possible only when all the three corporations are indulged in wrongdoings in their individual practices. Why don't the people starte individually boycotting the services of Google, Facebook and Jio, before waiting for sone Knight in the shining armour Competition body to take some action? What if tomorrow microsoft joins the fray? We would need to shun using the internet then.

kirit shah

I think it is premature to think about monopoly. Reliance is only large corporation that cn put its resources to complete against any large company of foreign origin. It I really good if reliance is able to develop 5g by itself and keep Indian data in India rather than in the hand some foreign company like Chinese origin. I think India need more than 1000 reliances to anchor economic development. Right now , it is not time to think about monopoly rather think about economic advancement and job creation. Monopoly behavior can be dealt with when it is sensed. I do not see any monopoly behavior from reliance at this time. People has simply benefitted from it.

Guru Karkera

Its absolutely right that Jio will have a monopoly in the telecom sector but these so called competitors profited in Millions from Indian customers till Jio came in with its dirt cheap plan, which made internal accessible to millions of rural farmers and entrepreneurs. I think larger companies should follow a simple rule of developing the nation as well as their companies. This is a true Win win situation.

Chirayata Sarkar

Do you really think it's cheap to run a network infrastructure spanning whole country? Reliance has deep pockets from the profits they get from their oil buisness. They're giving away data at cheap rates to decimate competition and after competition is gone, they'll rate data at same rate as of their US counterparts.


Sir baaki sb theek hai pehle Grammer theek kijiye heading ki "revolution be (of) if it ends"


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Nahush D

You said the market was customer-friendly before? But how exactly was it customer friendly? The arrival of Jio caused call & data prices to drop massively which was a good thing since if that hadn't happened, our IT infrastructure, E-commerce sites & in general cosumer mobile usage wouldn't really have taken off. So companies that couldn't compete left. Now customers can have cheap internet & call prices. But the 2nd point you said is something I agree with. It is indeed turning out to be extremely monopolistic in the Telecom industry with only remaining as a massive profit-making company. I saw in the other comments that without Jio we wouldn't have had cheap internet & we wouldn't have collaboration in 5G equipment & research. While this is true, many fail to realise that just because Jio is doing good doesn't mean we should place all our cards on a single entity. If other companies drop out & only Jio remains, the whole market will only be controlled by it. They can set whatever prices they want, they can steal whatver data they want & no one will be able to question it since there is no competitor to choose from. Many fail to understand this. For the market to be actual customer friendly, other private companies too need to thrive. Only Jio is extremely bad of our country. Yea we can say that other companies don't offer much like Jio but if we ignore the other companies now & Jio is in control, we won't even have other alternatives to choose from if prices are raised.

Anurag Bampal

You know that people don't have secondary option rather then the Jio. Other companies were too slow or were bussy making money in Maha-nagars rather then expanding to other cities or state capitals. Did you know Dehradun the capital of state Uttarakhand (UK 07) did not had Airtel connection (ISP) for years until Jio was out in its expansion in the capital. Airtel had it coming and when Airtel and other companies saw this at a threat to their survival then they entered the market but the same-time when Jio fiber is already in everyone's house. Airtel tumhe aapne Market team ko badalne ki jarurat hai aur Aam admi pe kaise pauch-te hai "yaha par joo dalo" aur haan mai ne airtel sim (postpaid) liya hai pichle he month aur vo bi isliye-nahi kuki tum best ho, balki isliye taki tumhara astitwa barkarar rahe. Btw, mare ghar mai Jio fiber laga hai, Too slow Airtel.

Mayavati Banerjee

Very interesting article . Facebook has remained free all these years even though there were some major shareholders in facebook that wanted to make Facebook chargeable . Not only that there were rumours of whatsapp becoming chargeable and after being brought by FB whatsapp remained free too . A lot of services have a plus version or a premium version n a free version . If this depicted the face of monopoly then I would say Facebook managed it well . Google to has gmail ,gpay , the search engine of itself etc etc tons of free things tons of paid stuff unlike microsoft( they even made microsoft office chargeable! Imagine those who are not in IT they have to either buy office 365 or use the online office to use the updated version or have a friend in tech who can sort it out without charging much!)google too is trying to sustain itself. Mark is well known for donating huge amounts of his wealth to humanitarian causes like bill gate . But as long as Zuckerberg is the face of fb I don't think it will become chargeable . As far a jio goes . Definitely monopoly is here but when jio increases its plan prices so does airtel n voda . I remember paying 222rs for 1gb 3 g in voda for 1gb more free fast forward 5-6 years (inflation rose ) still paying 555 for 1.5 gb per day with free calls even if it was 1000rs ...unbelievable. If jio was removed then not only would plans like premium 4 g surface in airtel n voda but we would be drained to pay their debt instead of other companies.


Ok by this you mean no Indian company should even try to venture into areas where no one cares to enter, as Indian aren't that I guess. Let Huawei or any other Chinese company rule the world n that will be ok. By 5G Jio will be competing in global markets, so by that surely it has to be best in it's own country.

Krishan Gopal

It seems to be away from the context. We are witnessing a monopoly and nothing else. Monopoly doesn’t help consumers.