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Ramana Gove

The way the US is enticing manufacturers globally to have the first grab at vaccine indeed raises concerns .In the case of Covid -19 the access is important to the most needy for the very safety of every one let alone the ethical concerns.Incentivising pharma companies based on the number of lives saved by their vaccine is a good idea ! More than all these things, the most important constraint is the needed data on the quality and quantity of the viral distribution across the globe at the remotest level .A “global billionaire club”for humanity” must be formed and approached with the central themes of “humanity” and “giving back to society” for the just job in right time.But if such a thing becomes reality, they should take up the task of pricing, procuring, and permitting the vaccine on a need basis using their own men, machinery and mechanism for an accelerated out reach rather offering a lump sum fat donation !