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Ramana Gove

A look at the growing cities and the congestion of living spaces owned by burning bigger holes in one’s pockets puzzled and pained me many times and thus my comment here is towards such ill ventilated residences in general everywhere.What I want to say is that the problems of diluting building codes must not be permitted anywhere if life in our ever growing cities is to be healthy and happy.Even those who can afford, compromise in leaving adequate space to move around on all sides, ignoring scope for good ventilation and lighting.It is shocking to observe the lack of attention paid to light and fresh air by having good number of doors and windows making allowance for cross ventilation,which are vital for a healthy sustenance.Perhaps the much heard of “Vaastu” has its origins in these principles.Another problem I observed is a compromisation in the height of the roof.There is a lot of difference in the heat radiated into the room when the height is reduced from 10 ft to 9 ft, more so when the building is of single fllor or even a two storied one. Besides, good ventilation ensures lesser power bill. A great change is needed on the concept of urbanisation with decentralisation of development as the core theme so that the population density is more evenly spread..Ayushman Bharat is possible with Arogya Bharat for which the rulers and the ruled are to join hands together.