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LaMa D

What he said was true but he should not have said it. We don't want another blockade.

Gaurav Psr

Mr. Or ms. Kanak i have never seen such a biased article filled with so much hatred for your very country's history. Why dont u see Bethlehem or other islamic places as fantasy as per ur definition of scientific logic. Well Lord Ram is greator than u and me so well he would bless you. But i am sorry to say that your entire life till date has been badly been waste and influenced to learn how to break india apart and lick the feet of radical left, christian evangelists, islamic fundamentals and also so called royal heir to indian opposition party.


The writer has painted a pretty picture of Oli as someone ' prone to extemporaneous take-off' and 'getting carried away' and committing ' faux- pas' as regards the issue of Ram's birthplace and succeeded in taking the reader for a ride.


So why is Indian medias going crazy about those myths...when Modi is on world Tour..He narrates like a parrot that Buddha was Born in India..this doesnt bother you..but when another nations PM says Something guys loose your brain. Grow Up!!

Shivam Gupta

Jaw droppingly good

Akhil Mishra

Your story is factually incorrect and very ignorantly calling lord Ram Mythogolical and mocking the Hindus who follow Ram and other Gods as follower of Mythology shows your Red agenda. You are the same people who will have problem with crackers (which is wrong)on diwali but will not have problem animal sacrifice during Bakr-id.... will have problem with diwali or holi or puja celebrations of PM ... but very happy with ifthar party...... your intelectualism have come out naked in front of true Indian...... nobody gives any importances on what you say...... the government has not come because of Shri Ram ..... it has come because of the vote of people of india constitutionally........ and that too second time...... so please go and watch your face MIRROR. It has became a rotten egg

Rajiv Nehru

What is going on? Such nonsense. With farmer's suicide, female foeticide, approximately 300 minor girls kidnapped and sold in flesh trade in a day(National Crime Record Data) we have the audacity to talk of Ramraj and where Ram was born.