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Dr.Nishat Ahmad

It turns out there is good science out there that helps us know what masks we need to wear and when to wear them. That being said, some of the advice could change as scientists learn more about why some people get a bad or even lethal case of this virus while others with mild or no symptoms, with greatest confusion seems to be about masks. In country like India where a vast majority of population don't know how to wear a mask, the question whether the mask is working or not is futile.Much of the decision about wearing masks depends on what the essential businesses that remain open are doing to ensure social distancing and therefore,our safety. The surgical mask or a self made mask is not going to protect you from the virus suspended in the air,as in a closed, poorly ventilated space.In my opinion, you don’t need a mask with really good social distancing (3 meters away) from others, or outdoors or even in a well-ventilated, large room keeping the density of people small and you are there for as short a time as possible.But of late it has been observed that it is difficult to adhere to above manipulations, the mandatory advisory for mask is in place. For people sticking to guidelines of wearing mask, the author's candle test is a convenient marker. Rather than testing the efficacy of masks the advisory remains for wearing a tested mask that is N-95 or FFP2 as called in Europe.