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Murali Krishna

It’s a sad state of affairs . We the English speaking and thinking Indians are not good enough for International publishers and lot of us cant even understand our mother tongue leave alone writing fiction in it . Soon ( 5-10 years ) we will have a huge market for English fiction with almost all vernacular language schools vanishing and being replaced by English medium schools and then maybe we don’t need to be at the mercy of these WASP dominated Industry .

Anendra Singh

I'm in the throes of writing my maiden book. I have no idea what the process is to publish or market a book. However, I do get the impression the brokers make it abundantly clear it's their way or the highway. You can't help feel as if someone is putting a gun to your head. What amazes me is a country of the magnitude of Ondia is incapable of establishing their own publishongnhouses. If disenfranchised African Americans can establish Motown to market their songs last century than India should be able to do the parallel in writing. I wish you all the best.