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Ramana Gove

A well written piece explaining the evolution of the dispute and the intricacies involved. The potential reserves of unexplored oil and gas deposits beneath the sea bed naturally are the bone of contention for the various stake holders making a claim on the maritime assets and approaches. When the law stipulates that all stakeholders have a right to 200 nautical mile EEZ to exploit the resources of the sea and the sea bed,the attitude of the dragon nation looks highly irrational. It is shocking to note that despite the verdict pronounced at Hague,China is adamant on its stand. If nations have no arbitration mechanism how do they resolve such issues ? Do they go on indulging in endless conflicts ? Or is might the only right ? Let us imagine what would be the state of affairs if tomorrow space is explored for its mind boggling assets ! A collective global effort is needed to put a check on China’s unilateral claims in international issues.