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Venkatramani Lakshmibai

This write-up by Ramanan on Seshadri is excellent! I, V. Lakshmibai, as mentioned in Ramanan's write-up, had the good fortune to have had Seshadri as my thesis advisor. My relationship with Seshadri extends over 5 decades-first as a mentor, then as a collaborator and then as a friend! I joined TIFR in 1968, and started to work under him at TIFR for my Ph.D degree, in 1970's. Soon after receiving my Ph. D, from TIFR, I went. first to Rome University, as a visiting Professor, at the invitation by Procesi, in 1978; the following two years, I went to Johns Hopkins, at the invitation by Kempf. This visit was followed by a three visit at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and then by a three visit at Texas A&M, College Station.. Then I joined Northeastern University, in 1987. Now, I am a Professor (Emeritus), at Northeastern University; I retired from Northeastern University, just in Fall, 2019. Throughout my career at Northeastern, every year, I used to visit CMI, during the winter months to carry out collaborated research with Seshadri and his colleagues, especially, with Manoj Kummini and Pramath Sastry. I had such a memorable time in collaborating with Seshadri over the past five decades that I find it very difficult to accept/believe that he is no longer with us! Let me take comfort in the fact that he lived a long, full and extremely successful life, and he brought nothing but pleasure and joy to those who knew him!