Shamini R

Well presented. Caste names are commonly attached with pride and absolute ignorance and insensitivity all over India to date.

Francis Alexander

There is a book titled: An Impressionistic History of the South Asian Subcontinent, which explains south Asia better than anything I have come across. If Wilkerson is not aware of an entity called 'feudal language', her book will be addressing imaginary stuff.

Vgboy k

I am an Indian who studied at the UW-Seattle. When I first moved to Seattle and went for a haircut, the barber, who was a white lady, asked me "so, you are from India? How's the caste system there?" This was such a strange question because it had barely been 1 min that I'd been sitting in that chair and I was sure India was famous for other things. I replied cheekily, "it's just like you guys treat black people." The lady ensured that she took out her rage on me by cutting me at 6 places while giving me a haircut. In the 2 years that I lived in Seattle, I saw how "liberal" America is. The city did not care about the homeless (although the mayor and few people seemed to try hard to address homelessness) because it saw them as a menace. My Uber driver and co-passengers agreed that homeless people deliberately get hurt in front of the cars so that they can extract money. Never-mind the driver rushing downhill at 70mph. Most of the homeless were black, veterans, or LGBTQ people. Restaurants locked their restrooms so that the poor couldn't enter them. Neighborhoods protested against low-cost housing. One day after an argument with my partner I was crying sitting on the pavement near my house. A person came up, threatened me that he would report me to the cops. All I was doing was crying. :) In a famous seafood restaurant I was not allowed entry because my skin was brown. This is the real America. I moved back to India after 2 years because even India wasn't so bad.

Sunil Damor

How do I get a book, do I have to buy online?

Udaya Bose

Caste is India's defining feature. Upper caste Indians (not Hindus alone) sail through life with a natural advantage heavily stacked in their favour. This works even if they are poor. Not experiencing the prejudice and discrimination makes them unsympathetic to the cause of the disadvantaged castes.

Pragati Bhushan

Indian society vis based on prevelaged section and the myths they have built around themselves. They themselves can't see them without cast because then theuy have nothing to be proud of and a lot to be ashamed of. The difference in indian poulation and american is that Indian can't introspect honestly at all