Pradeep Kumar Parida

Would Mr Harsh Mander stop quoting the Constitution for all his anti-national activities. Would he tell what is so communal about CAA, an Act duly passed by the Parliament of the country? When the HM of the country has been assuring the country that CAA would only be fast tracking the issuance of the citizenship to the persecuted minorities coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh before a fixed date as part of unfinished agenda of the partition of the country, what is communal about it? After all every country has the sovereign right to decide whom to grant it's citizenship. Besides, when the matter is subjudice, what was so constitutional about holding the national capital to ransome for more than 100 days? Now coming to Delhi Roits Mr. Harsh Mander is advised to keep aside his prejudices for a moment and go through the book "Delhi Riots 2020 The Untold Story" by Monika Arora, Sonali Chitoakar & Prerna Malhotra to know how Delhi Riots was planned and executed as part of a bigger plan to weaken the country by dharna to danga gangs.