jitender saini

Travel is probably biggest factor for the spread of the infection and also another major reason is the reverse migration of the people from rural areas back to the cities which is causing failure of the control efforts. So defacto lockdown caused spread and sustenance of the infection. However, very low numbers in the Srilanka are still difficult to explain by any of these theories.

Pankaj N

Compare total number of tests done per day and till date and you will find your answer.

Jaydeep Chug

Amazing article. I had been scratching my head over this topic since months and this article takes an in-depth look and explains all possible reasons. Thank you for this.

Shyam Nediyanchath

If you examine Pakistani data, it was always 2% death rate from Day1 to today, as if one just took a plain sheet and drew it straight with line. With 1/3rd average testing ending up with 1/2 cases is not surprising. Considering the level of education and health infra-structure, the actual data is not likely to be any better than India.

Dr. Carmo Costa-Viegas

The difference will be due to testing records only.The unaffected population will be infected at some future stage unless vaccinated.

Artiosaurus Rex

Please compare it by how much percentage of the population is infected, as well as average population density. Don't serve us half cooked food. India has done exceptionally well if you look at it under the above mentioned criteria and the amount of resources she had.

Amit Sinha

Hope the writer is aware of India population vs that of Pakistan Secondly it is doubtful that Pakistan health infrastructure is better than that of Pakistan How to believe that the data from Pakistan is accurate

Pruthvi Nagalla

This is what happens when you don't choose your writers properly. By the time I am writing this comment. India tested 38k per million and pakistan tested 18k per million. Do you expect a country run by military to spend on testing? Coming to deaths, pakistan still says they have very less deaths of minorities, but we all know the reality. So, expecting an accurate report on deaths from Pakistan is senseless. I believe that fire between Pakistan and India was started by british and is being fuelled by Pakistan's insecurity and lack of a proper democracy. Imagine if India becomes insecure by an expansionist china and spend mor on military as a percentage of GDP lie pakistan does, it will be a disaster. Thank God we had some decent minds if not the best in first 5 decades of our independence. India's leaders haven't done anything noteworthy, but in comparison to Pakistan's leaders they look like saints.

Neel Parmar

While the analyisis presented is very sound, the festish of comparison with Pakistan is slightly irritating. Write-ups pandering to idea of Pakistan as the constant 'other' feed the industry of jingoism. And while the potential of provocating jingoists by utilising this frame of reference may theoretically sound interesting, I fear that it conveniently tries to wash its hands off the responsibility of granting further legitimacy to this inherently flawed and problematic binary.

Rakesh K

It has been a total failure of this Modi govt that instead on tackling the virus threw millions of people on the streets with a foolhardy lockdown adding a humanitarian crisis to an already raging health crisis. The PM thought covid will go away by banging pots and lighting candles. What a smart response to such gigantic crisis? No wonder we have a 25% loss of GDP and highest unemployment ever under his leadership. Totally inept.