Mallimodugula Venkata Bhaskar

Nice list of all differences between Mussolini's Italy and Modi's India. In India: Not a single paper or TV channel has been taken over. Not a single editor has been replaced. Elections now are freer than before. Etc.

sreenivas R

Highly distorted and immature comparison. Unfairly critical. Mussolini didn't tolerate even fair criticism. The fact that such articles are being written and published by someone, without being deported and confined to one of the inhospitable islands is an indication...

Smita Kumar

Whether Modi is good or bad, people have chosen him and will live with the consequences. That is true democracy. Like Hitler, you want your choice to be foisted on to India. This is how authoritarianism works, people of India will never accept it. Also if you can name your chosen leader, we can analyze him the say way as you are analyzing Modi. But no, you will never spell that out. This is a one way street where you can say anything about our choice and we cannot say anything about ours. This is blatantly unfair. All people should be given a platform to voice their views, why only selected journalists? This is so undemocratic. Are you royalty? No wonder people have to turn to social media to have their voices heard

Chesong Bikramsing Terang

There's one problem in the comparison, PM Modi is elected with a majority in a democracy, so don't worry he will be voted out when the people don't like him. Meanwhile you can stop the hate and scare mongering.

Supriyo Guha Roy

Ram Guha is at it again - trying to raise a storm in the tea cup by drawing impossible parallels! Well, you have right to express your opinion and even fan the fire in the belly of lunatic liberals, but India today is very different from Italy a century back. We have far more pluralism and diversity in our country and society and our constitution is far more resilient to any threat of anyone turning a despot. Modi indeed sprang from the grassroots and knows the pulse and aspirations of the people of this country. This is the reason he is standing taller than most of politicians - dead or alive - of post-independent India. I am sure, Guha's attempt to show him in the shoes of abhorred dictators will not cut ice with most people who know Guha's allegiance toward the left liberals who had caused enough pain to this country first by towing Soviet line and then sabotaging the attempts to liberalization and unshackling of the economy. But, what surprises me is his continuous and consistent attempts to denigrate anything that is done by the present PM and his government. The country is already facing grave danger from the newly emerging axis involving Pakistan and China and we need more than a trans-pacific alliance to save ourselves. The threat also is no less perceptible from analysts like Guha who beats his own drum and creates a faux story discrediting the current leadership which, to my mind, fighting to keep enemy at bay.

nagachandan BV

Sensing uncanny similarities between the times when Hitler and his supporters' fierce procedures to taint people's perspective to gain power.. and the times now in India, procedures of the leftwing to manufacture an imaginary outlook.

Bharat Mehta

Mussolini ruled.italyfrom1920.andruled.27years.and.for.modi.only.six.years.yet.and.Guha.asympotical.says.about.par a

Yash Pal Yash Pal

No doubt, a good parallel. Now get ready to be called the first among anti nationals.


Author erred in comparison

Amit S

You have yourself identified several points which show how Modi is different from Mussolini. I don’t think you have made a good case to draw the analogy you seek. You are right about how India is handling the economy, but security wise it has done well so far against China. Also, nothing changes in India without a crisis. My guess is that the Covid crisis will lead to better economic reforms And their implementation . You complain so much due to social changes happening in India. But even there things have dialed back (eg NRC). So your analogy is a big stretch. The story is not complete. It’s playing out.

Malik TMI-Consulting

Excellent study. Worth reading and well documented parallels. Great Historical references based on truth. But or is difficult to understand, why democratic India has chosen this destructive path, 100 years?

Pradeep Kumar Parida

Ramachandra Guha is at it again. He has spoken about muzzling of press freedom. He has also spoken about Constitutional dilution by the Modi Government. However, he has failed to elaborate on any of his comparisons. He has spoken about Hindu Supremacy. Is he afraid of resurgence of Hinduism in a country where Hindus constitute 80℅ of the total population? Is he feeling threatened because the edifice carefully built over the last seven decades by wtiters of his ilk now appear to be crumbling down? At the best, he appears to have done a thorough review of Rizi's book on Mussolini without drawing any comparable parallel to Modi regime.

Melancholic Banana

Simply frightening.

Yasmin Siddiqui

I am extremely saddened by what is happening in India, but articles like these remind me why we shouldn't lose hope. It is true that India is going down a dangerous path and the youth seem to be following it without much thought. Still, there are many of us left to speak out. Thank you for this article!

Srinivasan Gopalan

Wrong attribution. Corruptions in all spheres were abound earlier. It is checked now. Hindu majority were suppressed then. Now all are treated equal. Politics and policies are defined and clear and open. Democracy is shown to be responsible now. Earlier it did not mean anything as appeasement and free corruption was the norm. Because Modi is a disciplinarian he does not become Mussolini. Opposition is weak now because of their bad ideals, policy and attitude. They are free to correct themselves and become vibrant. No one is stopping them.

Sumukha Ravishankar

I wish people read Mr. Guha's words and realize it is coming from his wanting the best for his country. I know there are millions on trolls out there, who would discredit his words. I am reminded of a quote by George Santayana: “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Hari Kant Sharma

Modi has done nothing of that short. Masses are now more wise. They see the difference and compare. He has not nuzzled the media, not changed law to acquire special power like emergency promulgation. Getting J&K freed from terrorists, abolishing triple Talaq, CAA are in favour of India as a nation. I don't say that Modi has Dolby all the problems but seems to be attempting them.

Harshad Patel

Author is comparing Apple with orange. The best way to compare PM is comparing him with his competitors and contemporaries. His achievements are much better and much bigger in this regard as CM and as PM. He is most abused PM and his retaliation is much milder when you compare with his competitors and contemporaries.

sankar subbaraman

Reading the article of Guha I cannot but conclude that there is no relevance of what he has stated about the current government to the actual situation. He could freely express his opinion. He may say the media houses are controlled. It doesnt appear to be so The only thing I can conclude is that he doesnt like the media which does not give importance to him or what he supports. If you are not controlled please publish my comments.

Chanchal K Mitra

Several years back, Mussolini's granddaughter wrote an article in La Repubblica about Mussolini: how great family man he was, how great was his respect and love for women (it was Berlusconi era) and how great Italy is going to be. I am recalling from memory, but there was something like how he strengthened the foundations of democracy (etc. etc.) and how much he has been misunderstood (which he ignored for the country).