Nirav Shah

In a monarchy the ruler had all the time in the world to correct his actions, which is not the case in democracy. The Arthashastra can only successfully come about in a democracy when majority of the political parties believe in it and follow it, thus using it as a benchmark. Have we built that culture around us since Independence ? Of course, we can start, but it will take time for that awareness to set in. Arthashastra needs to be a National Guideline and which needed to have been taught to us in Civics, through Commerce, through Management, through many other ways and means that we as Indians should have been soaked in it and would be managing our businesses, our lives as per it. Has that happened ? Let's see the larger picture and talk. To sum it up, let me quote the famous Kennedy quote 'ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country'. This needs to be a starting point for all especially amongst the 'educated lot' who are not in touch with the reality on the ground, but blindly look to the West for all solutions. I am thankful that Arthashastra has been referred to. We surely need to pump up the volume on it. Lastly, in a recent talk by the contemporary management guru, Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, he referred to Chanakya as the 'Grandfather of the Nation'. Can you imagine what that means and what we have ignored ? I leave it to you introspect upon the same. Thank you once again for referring to Arthashastra.

S Kamat

There was NO SOCIAL MEDIA in the days of Chanakya, nor were there SUBVERSIVE LIBERALS hell bent on pushing their agenda AT ANY COST. The world has changed SIGNIFICANTLY since the days of Chanakya and so are the challenges for governing. The Farmer's agitation is mainly restricted to Punjab,Harayana and Western UP....The reasons are also clear.The new Farm laws require PAN cards of middlemen, since they evade Taxes....The loss to Government is several thousand crores called LIBERALS will ignore this loss and the CONTINUE TO BACK AGITATIONS Presently, the OPPOSITION is more to such laws, since Government is trying to increase the TAX NET, which is the Correct way FORWARD. Narrow goals of trying to checkmate Government is the ONLY AGENDA for these so called LIBERALS.

Rabindra Kumar Das

Most who matters in governance do not have time to read/ study let alone thinking or having a philosphy. They are instead of being voracious readers becomes voracious eaters only. So sad for my nation!

Amit Sinha

Modi knows the country stands with him So called protest is purely political and some vested interests are fighting to stay relevant But in future India will move on just like NRC and CAA protests as every one knows that these farm laws give extra option and does not do away with any existing provisions