Shivnarain Madahar

Disgusting totally disguting . This shows the narrow minded people. What we have come down to. Just imagine people outside India do the same to our places of worship?

Shivnarain Madahar

Shame on the police and the Government on this incident. This is the way a person is treated in My India let alone a Doctor. Police has no right under any circumstances to treat any citizen like this. Most of the police in India is untrained lacks discipline of any sort. Police in question should be sacked

Shiv Tandon

I believe Sai Baba and other saints in Hinduism do not belong at par with Shiva, Vishnu or Bramiha and other deities like Laxami, parvati or Kali. The idols of Sai Baba and others be placed, if approved by managment governing committee of temples, at a suitable place ,away from main idols, for those devotees who would like to visit them. I am afraid ,if practice of worshiping saints continue, a few centuries from now, they may become in par or equal to Shiva ,Vishunu or Brahmah.

Alek Martin

Sai baba was a great avatar...he was hindu brahmin.....the person who tried to destroy great Sai will be destroyed himself....time will tell


No doubt it is wrong if it has been done, but I wish you people did elaborate stories of how minority communities have demolished temples. We NEVER see a single story! if demonising Hindus selectively is your objective,so be it. Journalism has to be neutral.

Shridhara Kashyapagothra

Sorry to hear and see this. Where we are heading. This country worshipping lot irrespective of their origion. We respect Christianity, we respect Islam mosques. We have thousands of god's . What if he as a human being done good to humanity and today being worshipped. Let him belong to any faith but he did good to us. We saw some activities in AP where hindu gods were deshaped. Why we are seing this. All Religious leaders pl.we first belongs to india and citizens of this great country. Your Religion comes next to it even last.Please allow india to develope. Do away from such acts. Here after wards pledge not to demolish or deshape any temple,mosque. Do not go for convertions.Death is final irrespective of your religion. So let us live what we believed without harming others.Let others respect us

Harminder Singh Chandwan

Foolish politically motivated people poisoning the atmosphere. Now humans are so great that they can divide the God. It is like they are hitting the light and water with swords. Can their teachers give them their own created Sir, Water and light. So bad, so so bad for a country like India.