Syed Zaidi

Saurabh Kirpal is by all accounts a brilliant legal mind and a person of integrity. Just the sort of person we need as a judge but which we so rarely get. That aside, let me voice my dissent to the author’s ‘gay’ agenda. I object to the idea what we need LGBTQXYZ people as such in positions of authority. That is horribly reductive. We need more restraint in our public discourse and we need to let people’s private lives stay private. We need to be more conservative and get back to the age before we adopted Western laws about private matters. It is best to avoid the use of made-up concepts such as ‘hetero-normative’ that are destructive of the mythic order. The challenge is to preserve that while assuring ourselves and our brothers and sisters liberty and respect.

Giri K

I just want to bring this fact to editor's attention: Ranjan Gogoi heading bench that decriminalised homosexuality in 2018 is just factually incorrect. He even wasn't there on the bench in the first place, the bench was headed by Justice Mishra.