Ashok Bhagat

I disagree with the theme of your presentation. I agree that large crowds did assemble during election campaigns at all places and Anti Covid rules were violated, almost always. But the crowd in campaigns was not due to a village fair, fate of the nation was getting decided. And there are constitutional rights with regard to elections and campaign and voting. If that is suspended due to Covid you and opposition will jump up and down little more than you are doing now. You are never short of words. While you are taking name of BJP, what prevented you from taking names of others in the caption of this article. Are you a position to guarantee that all political parties stay home and do the electioneering without any public gathering. Come on at least try to show that you are a fair journalist.

T. S. Maheswaran

People ARE irresponsible...

Prasen Kumar Reddy Singi

Irresponsible, inhuman and cruel way of handling virus infections/deaths.