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Rao Pamganamamula

The Changing Skyline of Kathmandu I lived in Kathmandu for three and a half-years but that was almost five decades ago. The only history books I could lay my hands were the two volumes by Dr Regmi. There were no high-rise building complexes then. In the photo now I see at least four such complexes. How I wish that someone could identify/name and locate them on a Google Map!


It's Nepal's head ache and India should not cross border for any reason, as it's a very weak economy. Troops should not cross border even for UN peace keeping. USA is quitting Afghanistan and Iraq. USA has been defeated in its objective to bring democracy to Afghanistan. It remains the same Afghanistan. Iraq is much worse off before it entered, with millions killed. Again like the barber in Tirupati, who does shaving the hair in half and goes to next customer, USA is off to push its failed product to Russia and China. Lesson for USA - Life is a weighing machine and not voting machine as it's IDEOLOGY suggests. Idea of democracy is fatally flawed. Right to vote is EARNED in company voting whereas right to vote is distributed freely in Political voting.