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Author emphasis that he is not disparaging the India's tradtion for the superiority in Medicine, Mathematics etc. but this was all stolen, misrepresented by the west. The time we could have dig out and develop these precious treasure house of knowledge was when we got Independence. But everyone knows that the rulers taken over since then we're all hostile to moving on these direction. Naturally some Nationalist leaders got power, they turn the attention to this direction. At the beginning there will be all types of claims by all types of half educated people and we have to go through this phase now. There need not to alarmed by this.


Hindu ideology is not any ones private property it's imbibed in every individual living between Himalayas and kanyakumari.Unforunately with limited inclusiveness political parties try to garner vote in the name of Hinduism.Now this has happened in india for first time that a non congress is in govt.for so long.But this doesn't reduce the importance of hindu ideology or its importance j.When entire world is looking upon Hinduism to raise the bar of inclusiveness it's every indians responsibility to raise to the occasion and lead the path of spirituality.

Hari Gokhale

Why we alone, the entire world is in a health mess, for one simple reason - western approach to Health which for millenia has been curative whereas Indian approach has been preventive. In our scheme of things, being healthy is a natural state and not toxifying bodies with all kinds of wrong foods and seeking cure. You laughed at Kangana Ranaut because she spoke about Yoga adn Pranayam. These are globally accepted means of maintaining good health. When will Indians stop mixing things because they refurse to accept something which has allowed Indians to survive for at least 6500 years?

Monica Saini

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Gunvinder Singh

An excellent article by Mr. Rohit Chopra, which clearly enunciates what is fundamentally wrong with India today. Espousing the cause of Hindutva is considered to be the ultimate goal of this dispensation, irrespective of what is taking place on the ground. Tall claims made about the complete destruction of the coronavirus achieved as cited by the supreme leader of our republic a couple of months back have had to be dramatically retracted. Where Indian was once being touted as the global vaccine hub, exporting millions and millions of doses across the world, the situation has come to a pass that vaccines are now being imported from countries that India rebuffed earlier. When the Indian government under Mr. Modi stopped or withheld critical funds assigned for NGOs and attempted to amend the FCRA rules for the same by citing misappropriation, there was not much hue and cry about the same, because of which a number of civil society organizations involved in exemplary work were compelled to stop operations. It is but understood that government agencies cannot provide succor to everyone and everywhere as and when required. In these critical times, one can only turn to the NGOs and civil society organizations for obtaining the basic needs of maintaining a decent existence. Belatedly, the PM has asked for help from NGOs and volunteers to overcome this crisis confronting India and this seems to be a welcome move, though it has to be taken in a guarded manner.