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Vishwas Patankar

The Modi government is focussing solely on managing headlines while the people are vaccinated on an overdose of Atmanirbharta. Till the corona cases were reducing, the headlines were all about Modi's unparalled success at suppressing - even defeating the pandemic on Indian soil. So intoxicated were the leader and the sycophants on their chimeric victory, that they permitted the Kumbh to proceed unchecked. They energised their entire machinery on West Bengal elections and exhorted crowds to turn up in large and larger numbers. They miscalculated grossly to export vaccines in order to be hailed as the pharmacy of the world. All this while Covid was steadily creeping back to terrorise the nation. Contrast this with the current situation. With corona cases having exploded, the ruling dispensation has left the States to fend for themselves. Be it vaccine procurement, oxygen management, or clamping of lockdowns, the Centre has removed itself from all decision making. It is focussed now on rebutting foreign media as they write about India's melting crematoriums and unending pyres of the dead. Citizens are being hauled up for putting out pleas for oxygen on social media. "All is well" is the narrative being propagated even as the ground report is diametric. To the nation suffering the idiocyncracies of one individual, the election outcome in West Bengal comes as testimony of how the mighty can be made to fall. There lies the hope.