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Jayasangar Narayanan

So as per the author there is an 'artificial' between Dravida and Tamil movement ??? Dravida parties have NEVER EVER been Tamil parties. The author should be reminded of brutal treatment of Tamils by the so-called "Dravidans" who are nothing but Hindi/Urdu, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and other language groups who use "Dravida" to mask their non-Tamil identity and deep rooted hatred for Tamils. How does the author explain the burning alive of 44 Tamils to death by Dravida (Telugu) rich landowners, the betrayal of Tamils during the Sri Lankan war in 2009, calling Tamils dubbed by Dravida parties as "Brahmins", "Forward Caste", "Paappaans" as outsiders while counting Hindi converted Muslims as "Tamils", majority of the so-called "Backward" castes being reserved for Non Tamils, fining students for speaking in Tamil in CBSE, ICSE schools, imposition of the Islamic originated language in CBSE, ICSE schools which were set up using discounted lands, shutting down Tamils schools by the 1000s, reserving practically most lower end work to Hindi people and others, sidelining Tamils etc.. The list can just go on simply. The hatred for Tamils by these two Dravida parties along with their other Dravida and Hindi partners is NO WAY a "Fringe" matter. Media should first report on the list mentioned above and verify if what was said was false . We will have another 5 years of Non Tamil rule, again Telugu Dravida rule. Media should have covered all the electoral violations which they hid.