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Arundhati Roy suggests that Modi must go to save the nation from the present crisis that he miserably mishandled. But would that relieve India from the sufferings people are going through on all fronts, particularly the unmanageable pandemic? The problem is not only Modi but the whole army of his ardent followers, aka Bhagats. Over the last few years, Modi has baked them in solid clay that they are more Modi than Modi himself. Arundhati can seek the removal of Modi from the Indian political scene and take a Sanyaas in the caves of the Himalayas. Still, Modi Bhagats in India and spread worldwide would continue his legacy and infest the nation's core democratic and secular values till it is completely destroyed. -Promod Puri

jabi john

We as a nation are clueless on what we are doing. As we are tackling the situation as and when the crisis demands since the past five weeks.We don't have oxygen we run behind it. We didn't learn from the first wave. We didn't learn from other nations experience. We don't have a strategy for this current pandemic, Today our well wishing Nations are doing their best to help us to control the worst. Why can't we put our advisers together and discuss together. Now every time someone comes and tells don't do this, this is going to happen and third wave is going to happen. So put all the experts together on a panel and chock out a plan to find a systematic approach, Today also people are running from hospitals to hospitals with their loved ones. Why can't we put live updates on TV channels on the availability of oxygen beds and icu beds at different hospitals . Also put some volunteers at the hospitals gates to guide the patients and they coordinate with other volunteers in different hospitals. Also they can be given some kind of help and guidance on the panic situation. To a larger extent, they can be guided with the option available to them. So on the list is endless. So let us put together efforts to tackle this pandemic.

Rabindra Nath Roy

Arundhati Ray has been outspoken all the while and she is right in saying that this Govt. led by Modi is as good as having no government. This crisis of virus has been doubled by him adding his mismangement. That it is proven fact that he declared lock down last year which was lifted only after 57 was not consulted with any Govt. agencies. Persons in various Govt. institutions that has to prepare or are meant to be consulted before such drastic action is taken was not taken. World wide no country has witnessed such draconian lock down and this lock down brought miseries to millions and millions citizens hundreds died on the way to their home crores lost their jobs families turned to being without a shelter and job. Modi when it was meant to prepare for the upcoming virus wave declared that virus has been defeated and he started exporting essential drugs and other material to other countries. To days vaccine crisis is his creation, today's Oxygen crisis is Modi's creation and thousands who are dying on the streets in the ambulances are his creation. Should he continue as Prime Minister? That is the pertinent question that Ray asks which no one in India has the guts to raise question on the ability of Modi to continue as Prime Minister.

Vivek Bhatnagar

That would be very honourable act to do by Narender Modi for the welfare of people of India. There should be no shame in accepting failure and probably history would be kind to remember him for this sacred sacrifice if he passes on reigns now. Hope good sense prevails upon him.

Pranab Das

I suggested to @subramanianswamy that @sonusood could be a better candidate than Gadkari, who's the default choice if the powers to be has already started acting on your suggestion. Or, may be president's rule at the center overseen by an SC panel? While creating a vacuum at the top, even if it had already been created, you need to consider "then what"? We need governance is at the center.

Sandeep R

Who is the next option Arundatiji? Mamata, Stalin? Who can take the country together to fight Corona? Or May be Rahul Gandhi? Right now, Modi is the only bet we have got. But he needs to act swiftly like the surgical strikes he is famous for. If not, there will be no one left to vote for him and country can go in to anarchy.

Nageswara Rao Turaga

It's a insult and mockery on the constutional bodies. The people like Roy wants to scrap Hindutva state on the world map. It is unfortunate that this land has such type of daughter.

Dr Sheo Nandan Pandey

The country was reaping what it had sowed. We talked from our heads of new beginning. we have since ended up with one. Right now, we are back to 2017 GDP level in nominal terms and 2014 in PPP.

Niraj Pant

I am with the appeal of Arundhati Roy! Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to be held to Account for both his omissions and commissions which gave the Virus the ideal environment to go berserk and here we are; it is so when the country is not prepared in areas protecting the Indians using Vaccine and taking care of those infected with the virus; in that, the Prime Minister bombastically claimed before the world that India has won its war against the Virus and is an inspiration to the world! Was he talking of this? It is for the BJP to choose amongst itself a replacement and handle the situation so that by 2020 the country is out of this imbroglio!

Manish Sheth

Your so called 'fact check' also seems to be fiction. Reading your paper since last few weeks, it is understood that Scroll seems to be also politically influenced, rather motivated site and news in it are not genuine. Else why not a single me tion of some good work by the central government? First be neutral and then ask for support. But I think you don't need support as opposition is making hefty payment for your yellow journalism.


Well said

Rosemary D'sa Singh

Arundhati Roy, it is all well to have an opinion. In a democracy we can all have one. The important thing to remember is how much that opinion will matter. Many democracy-loving, tree-hugging types sit in the comfort of their arm chairs and spout long-winding tirades against government. Instead of being critical why don't we put our 'brilliant' minds together and be part of the solution. A call to like minded people nationwide would surely bring results and hope. Whether it was Modi or Gandhi or you, or for that matter me... I'm sure we would be overwhelmed by the current situation. How about we find a way, a solution, a path forward rather than just rant. So much energy goes into complaining and ranting. I believe we as a people have the power. A power not of just words but of deliberate action.

Sai Prasad

Very sensible reply

BK Periwal

It is appreciated Mr. Gadkari is made PM. I have watched his various presentations. Mr. Gadkari is remarkable and most efficient person. It is in the interest of nation that a person acceptable to all and who respects all religions as one and who has the best economic visions should lead the nation. I pray to all to have a second thought at least.


I am surprised by Arundhati Roy's pleading to Modi "please go" as it comes from a celebrated writer, a leading human rights activist and a public intellectual of international repute. I do not fault her reasons for Modi to go. There are umpteen reasons for Modi to go besides those enumerated by Arundhati Roy. But does it solve the problems plaguing the nation is the moot question. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which has spread its tentacles far and wide in the country, which has the objective of establishing a Hindu Rashtra, has the command and control to create another Modi to replace Modi. Do we discount the possibility of RSS anointing Amit Shah to step in to the shoes of Modi ? Does it change the governance for better ? There are other Ministers in Modi's cabinet who revel only in their silence and obedience. Modi is facing the worst crisis of his political career now. Governing a country as diverse as India is an enormous task and the pandemic has exposed that Narendra Modi does not have that political acumen, sagacity and governance skills to combat the crisis and save the citizens. The image that he has built with public relation exercise has crashed in one go. It is time for people to make him go rather than leaving it to Modi's choice. And in the most unlikely event of his choosing to go, we are sure to get another Modi in the saddle as long as RSS call the shot.

Kishan Mirajkar Rao

Wow superb 👏👌 what can be expected from you Arundhati.

Udaykumar Thampi

Ms.Roy,is delusional.First of all ,I don't think Mr.Modi needs to step aside.He is a proven leader,with his fallacies like any leader.Leadership by Modi may seem to be autocratic,but in reality I don't think so.There is a Team India,this ecosystem of bureaucrats,their political masters, business leaders and civil society is indeed working to strive for the betterment of the livelihood of the citizinery.What is missing in this ecosystem---is a collaboration from the opposition parties to address the problems that endanger India. Mr.Sharad Pawar is a seasoned opposition party politician who knows when to leverage his thoughts either through media or by having a meeting with the powers to be in the ruling party,albeit officially or unofficially.If he can do this why can't the others do it.All of us are mature adults,and we can let go our egos and work together. This constant chatter about portraying Mr.Modi in negative manner by a select few so called ---intellectuals, opposition politicians and media-both within India and Foreign is good upto a certain level to ensure the checks and balances for governance.But it is outright stupidity to call for a resignation of our Prime Minister. In the context of our constitution, Healthcare is a state subject.If at all we need a change in the policy functioning ---we need to tell our Prime Minister to make Healthcare a critical infrastructure controlled by Federal Government to first create world class public primary health care services

Sanjiv Kumar

Amazing Read & Revealatios

Srinivasa Raman

Mr. Rajnath singh , Honorable Defence Minister, will be the right choice.

Sibi Mathews

I agree in a large sense. The PM I believe is burntout ( he has been working 24 7). Any human especially the PM who has to carry a heavy load of everything needs a vacation. I believe Mr. Gadkari is a good replacement of sound mind as of this moment to make rational decisions until the PM is rested for sometime.

O.P. Ratra

You have been always displaying your Activism,against the ruling party/Government,said so much with accusing finger.You have talked of outside interference, at whose instance ? Activists are media friendly,nationally n internationally. Working in unison/together is always welcome,but not destabilizing the existing system n provoking citizens against in the name of democracy...O P Ratra,5 May,2021,Gurugram.

Ramanathan Natarajan

He is elected by people and the representatives have rights to request, but you or any individual doesn’t have right to ask “Step aside”. It is rude and uncivilized 😩