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suresh srinivasaparthasarathy

The farmers of Punjab and Haryana are pampered by subsidies, lower interest loans etc. Even though the water level has gone down they are not willing to change from rice and Wheat. Due to excessive use of nitrates land becomes fallow. They want everything and they saw the poor agricultural labourers jobless. Most self centred are these protesting farmers. Since they are rich political parties in opposition supports them. It is time we should stand united and take some decision and if farmers are not willing we can let them as it is till their funds get depleted and then they come to talk we can decide what to do


The modi govt. Is afarid of handling the farmers, so, it takes on social media. Like jan 26 violence ( as pre-planned by BJP), they are going to make one more event to vacate farmers and to regain modi image.


Victory will come to farmers feet very soon.. Entire world has realised that Modi is wrong as always.