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John Abraham Mangat

In a democracy PM is above politics and religious sentimets and ruler of all. Hence it is not advisable for him to go for canvassing in state elections . It may raise rivalry with the states and it is not healthy for the democracy.

Baishali Kanjilal

very well-written opinion, from an IAS himself, and an intellectual of the highest echelons.

Hemant Jha

You can't clap with one hand. Ruling and opposition both are playing dirty politics so why does media target Modi only. People of India deserve a neutral media not a biased one.

BK Periwal

I believe BJ P and Congress have similar character to misuse the powers for self gains.

Sai Prasad

So, the author does not think that it was Mamta who started the whole issue by behaving like a petty small mind and making an issue out of a 30 minute wait. Don't people wait for her?

Rakesh K

The PM has shown himself to be extremely petty and small minded person in dealing with the Chief Secy of WB. Very poor judgement.