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Deniro Paven

Casteism is deeply rooted in the South Indian society since eons. Breaking that cycle is not going to be easy. It was and still is an accepted way of life in the sub-continent since the Vedic period. Many inspiring men and women have been oppressed for having stood against this form of discrimination, some unknown to the larger ignorant metropolitan population, but we are still discussing the issue in 2021..Which only goes to say that Casteism is very much an existing way of life. A change in mindset is needed not just with the system but in us as individuals. It starts with Family and upbringing our future generations with the right values of treating others as equals and not as less derserving or lower than oneself in any other form based on profession, religion, gender or wealth. The change should begin within us…. The movie “Karnan” albeit bringing the realities of Casteism in the village to the viewers forefront, does not really do justice to how the problem it is being dealt with by the villagers. Killing and bloodshed is not “the solution”. The scenes in this movie would incite violence into the minds of the oppressed, or those who relate themselves to the situation and that is where the responsibilities of a creator (in this case the Director) should be questioned.

Rakesh K

By subverting the sterotypes, the director is hoping to get the Dalit assertion right. But the film suffers from all other cinematic tropes that are inherently dominant.