They might be favourites in a key clash against Macau but India football captain Sunil Chhetri said they can’t afford to be complacent since qualification for AFC Asian Cup is at stake.

“The only thing which we are talking about in the dressing room is how to qualify in Asia Cup, that’s it. And, once we do that we will be happy,” Chhetri told reporters on the eve of AFC Asian Cup Qualifier tie in Bengaluru.

“Just because we are on the top in Group A, there is a buzz that we would win tomorrow’s match. I have seen many things not happening when I thought it would. Therefore, I would prefer to be calm in tomorrow’s match,” he said.

“Some sides may look weaker on paper, but that does not guarantee a win.”

Talking about the significance of Asia Cup, Chhetri said it is a massive and the biggest tournament for any Asian country to participate in.

Replying to a query, Chhetri said the team has a strategy to break the defence of Macau since it was too good in the first half of their previous match.

‘I was jumping when Jeakson scored the goal’

Chhetri could not stop raving about Jeakson Singh’s historic goal during Monday’s Fifa U-17 World Cup clash between India and Colombia.

“I was jumping, man! We all were jumping! We had as many as three to four chances, and one of the shots (Rahul K) hit the bar. I was so happy for that goal (scored by Jeakson),” Chhetri said.