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Ind vs SL, 3rd Test, Day 2 as it happened: Kohli double ton props up India amid ‘pollution’ drama

At stumps, Sri Lanka 131/3 after 44.3 overs - Mathews 57, Chandimal 23.
The Light has faded enough for the umpires to call for stumps. Mathews and Chandimal have now added 50 runs for the fourth wicket. They are keeping Sri Lanka afloat, but the deficit still stands at 405 runs. The game was marred by several stoppages after Sri Lanka’s players complained about the air quality and even wore masks while fielding. The constant stoppages saw an animated Kohli declare India’s innings on 536/7. Shami was in top form when it was India’s turn to bowl. He and Ishant bowled well in tandem, if not for some shoddy catching, India could have walked away with more wickets.

Sri Lanka 123/3 after 35 overs - Chandimal 20, Mathews 54.
Mathews and Chandimal are piecing together a handy partnership. The pitch is easing up, but India’s bowlers are keeping it tight. The batsmen, though, are keeping them out at the moment.

50 up for Mathews! Sri Lanka have also reached the 100-run mark. He’s played positively since coming into bat. His effort has included eight fours and two sixes. The pitch is holding up well after the initial help for the pacers. India are now employing spin from both ends. Mathews has helped himself as he looks to set base for a Sri Lanka fightback.
Sri Lanka 103/3 after 28 overs. Mathews 50, Chandimal 8.

WICKET! Perera’s fighting knock comes to an end. He’s trapped in front of the stumps by Jadeja. The umpire had said not out, but the referral reveals the ball would have crashed into middle stump. Perera has stepped down the track. The impact was 2.99m away from the stumps. The rule states that if the distance in 3 metres or higher then the decision remains with the umpire. Llong shakes his head after watching the replays on the big screen.
Sri Lanka 75/3 after 18.4 overs - Mathews 26*

50 up for Sri Lanka. India’s butterfingers in the slips has helped the visitors consolidate after Tea. Perera and Matehws have calmed things down. Pacers Ishant and Shami are bowling their heart out, but the catching has let them down.
Sri Lanka 53/2 after 13 overs - Matehws 18, Perera 28. They trail India by 483 runs.

DROPPED Again! This time its Kohli’s turn. He had replaced Dhawan in the second slip after the latter had spilled a just a few overs earlier. After Perera now Mathews got a lifeline. Ishant will be displeased, he has been bowling a fine spell. India will have to take stock of their catching on Sunday. In South Africa, the slip-catching will play a vital role.
Sri Lanka 33/2 after 10 overs - Perera 24, Mathews 6.

DROPPED! Back after Tea and there’s action immediately. Shikhar Dhawan has spilled a catch in second slip. The ball rolls onto hit the helmet inviting five penalty runs. Perera gets a life.
Sri Lanka 27/2 after 7.3 overs - Perera 16, Mathews 4.

At Tea, Sri Lanka 18/2 in 6 overs - Perera 12*, Mathews 4*.
Players walk off the field after an absorbing spell of play that saw some fine cricketing action amid some intense drama after Sri Lanka’s players complained of breathing problems during play on Day 2. India captain chose to declare India first innings on 536 after Sri Lanka players were involved in a number of stoppages as several players raised issues.
Sri Lanka still trail India by 518 runs.

WICKET! Sri Lanka 14/2 after 5.1 overs. - Perera 12*
Ishant traps Dhananjaya in front. Hits him on the back foot. There was slight doubt of height, but he chose not to go for a review. India on top.
Dhananjaya lbw b Ishant 1 (14b).

Sri Lanka 14/1 after 5 overs - Perera 12, De Silva 1.
After the drama, it’s cricket as usual at Kotla since the past half hour. Shami is bowling a fiery spell. India had a strong LBW shout, but did not go for a review. Replays showed it would have hit the stumps. Shami would have had his second. Umpire Llong felt there was an edge.

WICKET! First ball, first wicket. Shami gets Karunaratne to edge one to the keeper off the first ball. Day 2 has seen a lot of drama and it does not seem to be ending anytime soon. After the constant stoppages and then the eventual declaration by India, cricket is back in the mix and Shami is at the forefront.
Karunaratne c Saha b Shami 0 (1b).

Update: Sri Lanka were struggling in the field, but their opening batsmen seem to be up for the job. Karunaratne and Perera have come into the middle. Regular opener Samarawickrama has been ruled out from the day’s play after being struck on the helmet on Saturday.

India declare on 536/7.
There was another stoppage in play as Sri Lanka were short of fielders! They have run out of substitutes. Sri Lanka’s coach Nic Pothas is having a chat with the umpires. The Sri Lanka physios and doctors were getting dressed to come on the field. Fortunately, amid the drama, Kohli called his players back.

Update: Another stoppage as Lakmal walks off the field due to discomfort. The Sri Lanka manager has come onto the field. He is now speaking to the umpires. India coach Ravi Shastri has also made his way onto the ground. He has a chat with the umpires as well, but play is now resuming.

WICKET! India 523/7 after 125.3 overs. Kohli’s marathon innings comes to an end. He’s trapped in front of the wicket by Sandakan. Kohli departs on 243. Did the many breaks have a role to play here?
Kohli lbw b Sandakan 243 (287b).

Update: Gamage has walked off the field after complaining of discomfort. The games has been halted again. Kohli looks displeased with the numerous breaks.
India 519/6 after 123 overs - Kohli 243, Saha 1*.

WICKET! India 519/6 after 123 overs - Kohli 240*.
The break has had an immediate impact. Ashwin falls on the first ball after resumption of play. Gamage has his hands on his knees after bowling the ball, but he has his man. Ashwin departs for 4. He played away from his body and was caught in gully.
Ashwin c Perera b Gamage 4 (16b).

India 519/5 after 122.4 overs.
Sri Lanka players return to their fielding positions. The umpires are still having a chat with the two skippers. But, play will resume after a break that lasted 16 minutes.

Play held up! after Sri Lanka player Gamage seems unwell. The umpires are having an animated discussion with both captains. Is this the first time that play has been halted due to air pollution?
India 519/5 after 122.3 overs - Kohli 240, Ashwin 4.

India 518/5 after 122 overs - Kohli 239, Ashwin 4:
Kohli is unbeaten on 239, this is his highest score in Test and also the most a batsman has scored at the Kotla. He has also taken his tally past 1000 in this calendar year. He is the only Indian after Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar to surpass the four-digit mark in consecutive years.

We are back for the post-lunch session and the Sri Lanka players are sporting facemasks. Delhi has been in the news for the rise in pollution levels in the capital.

At Lunch, India 500/5 after 117 overs - Kohli 225*
Rohit Sharma edge one to the keeper off Sandakan. He departs on 65. Rohit asked for a review, but it was turned down. He looked to play a late cut, but the ball only caught the bottom of his bat.
Rohit c Dickwella b Shanakan 65 (102).

India 500/5 after 116.5 overs - Kohli 225, Rohit 65.
500 up for India. Kohli and Rohit have batted flawlessly in the morning session. Dominated the bowlers throughout.

India 461/4 after 112 overs - Kohli 208, Rohit 50.
50 for Rohit! This is his eighth half-ton in Tests. He brings it up with a six. Rohit and Kohli have now added 100 runs for the fifth wicket. After the two late wickets on Day 1, the duo has carried on with relative ease. India are marching towards 500. Sri Lanka is just going through the motions.

India 458/4 after 110 overs - Kohli 208, Rohit 41.
Kohli is struggling with a niggle. But, it’s clearly not affecting his batting. His double ton today has helped him cross 500 runs in this series from four innings.

200! Kohli brings up his sixth Test double century. He gets it with a pull shot. All of these have come in the last 17 months. This is his second consecutive ton in this series. Its come off just 238 balls. He smashed 20 boundaries during the effort. India have also crossed the 450-run mark.
India 457/4 after 108 overs - Kohli 205, Rohit 41.

India 442/4 after 106 overs - Kohli 194, Rohit 38).
Update: Sri Lanka’s Sadeera Samarawickrama will not take the field on Day 2 after suffering a mild concussion. He was struck on the helmet grill while fielding close in. He was taken for a CT scan on Saturday.

India 417/4 after 100.3 overs - Kohli 182, Rohit 25: Kohli and Rohit have now added 52 runs for the fifth wicket. How long can they bat? Sri Lanka’s bowlers have hardly tested them. Only a mistake from either batsman might lead to wicket here.

India 405/4 after 96 overs - Kohli 170, Rohit 25.
400 up for India.
It’s come in quick time. Kohli and Rohit have hardly broken sweat this morning. The batsmen have kept up a steady flow of runs since resuming their innings. Sri Lanka’s bowlers seem to be bowling without a plan.

India 392/4 after 95 overs - Kohli 164, Rohit 18: Rohit Sharma smashes the first six of the Indian innings. It’s tossed up by Sandakan, the batsman capitalises and swats it over the long-off.

India 371/4 after 90 overs - Kohli 156*, Rohit 6*: Skipper Kohli walks into the middle with Rohit Sharma. India will be hoping to put a big total on the board. They are well-placed, but the late wickets on Saturday showed a few quick wickets can change things around.

9.00am: India reached 371/4 on Saturday after opener Murali Vijay and skipper Virat Kohli smashed big tons after the latter won the toss and elected to bat first.

Sri Lanka staged a mini fightback towards the end of Day 1 as spinner Shanakan had Vijay and Ajinkya Rahane stumped. Rohit Sharma and Kohli were at the crease at stumps.

Kohli is unbeaten on 156, while Rohit will resume his innings on 6.

India lead the three-match contest 1-0 and are chasing their ninth consecutive Test series win.

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