The latest Futures Tours Programme (FTP) and the hefty compensation of Rs 850 crore to defunct Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Kochi Tuskers Kerala will be discussed extensively during BCCI’s Special General Meeting in New Delhi on Monday.

The Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) is expected to have a conditional revocation of their ban. The body will be unanimous about not letting National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) test its players.

The main topic of discussion will be the new FTP from 2019 to 2021 of Indian cricket.

Number of matches

The members will be apprised by CEO Rahul Johri about two dedicated windows – October-November and February-March – where India would host international teams.

The number of playing days in a year, which skipper Virat Kohli recently spoke about, will be discussed as well.

A section of the BCCI is of the opinion that if the top players want rest, they are free to take rest but the playing days should be the board’s prerogative.

“The players on one hand want a hike in pay and also want to have the number of playing days curtailed. How is that possible? No one is putting players on gunpoint and making them play. The moment you are fatigued, take rest,” a senior office bearer of the BCCI told PTI on conditions of anonymity.

Fine to Kochi Tuskers

He also cited the practical difficulty of lessening the number of days.

“Suppose if we curtail the number of days, the broadcasters will then pay us accordingly. Now we are in a position where we have to pay Rs 850 crore fine after losing the arbitration to Kochi Tuskers. From where will the money be recovered. In any case, FTP or pay hike can only be passed by the General body,” he said.

However some members may still want to fight the Kochi Tuskers case and not merely give away the compensation.

“It’s a huge amount and we need to think over it.”

Revocation of RCA’s ban

It was learnt that RCA’s revocation of ban will be conditional.

“RCA’s ban is all set to be revoked. Since they have withdrawn the litigation against BCCI and also Lalit Modi has resigned, it can be brought back to the fold. But once ban revoked, if Modi, who is banned for life tries to enter RCA, they will once again be banned,” the official said.

NADA Testing

“We have nothing to do with NADA. They have no locus standi to test us. The members are all on same page,” he said.

On a separate issue, it was learnt that there were no discussions on member countries having a free window during IPL.

“First things first. FTP is now a bipartite contract and binding. Secondly, IPL issue cannot be minuted in an ICC meeting. Thirdly, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and West Indies during all these years for better part don’t have series during IPL.

“The only country that plays series is England and the country that plays against them. For that you don’t need to go to the ICC. Also CEO would never place anything on board at an ICC forum unless the General body passes it. So those reports are baseless,” the official concluded.