Twenty four state units have submitted their compliance certificates to the BCCI, having registered their constitution in accordance with the Lodha Committee reforms but some have been found to be error prone.

The Committee of Administrators (CoA) met in Mumbai headquarters on Tuesday to take a stock of the compliance report submission by the state units.

It was learnt that all 37 affiliated units have communicated with the BCCI with 24 submissions taking place while 13 others have given in writing that they have started the process.

“We have received 24 Compliance Certificates from the state units. We will now have to scrutinise each and every compliance report. Initially, we have found out that some state units have not given proper compliance report. I won’t name but a few units have even changed the template of the signed undertaking,” a source close to the CoA said on conditions of anonymity.

“All the other units have replied that they are in the process of finalising their constitution,” the official added.

There are some state units, which have already submitted their new constitution with the company secretary but are also waiting for the court hearing on certain key issues which have not been clarified by the CoA.

It is learnt that till now, CoA has not been able to confirm whether the tenure for an office bearer is for a cumulative period of nine years or 18 years.

“The fundamental mistake made by the CoA has been to register the draft constitution without clearing the contradictions. There are certain state units that have sought clarification and there is a pending court hearing,” a senior official of a state unit said.

“I believe it is the right of the state association to wait till the court hearing. Meanwhile, the process is on and every unit is on its way of adopting new constitution.”

It was also learnt that CoA took stock of the Plate Group Vijay Hazare Trophy and how the North Eastern states are coping with the senior level cricket.