International Gymnastics Federation has asked the sport’s Indian governing body to get its electoral college for the November 3 elections approved by the Indian Olympic Association.

The FIG said that the electoral college prepared by Gymnastic Federation of India will need its final approval but it will do so if vetted through the IOA.

“In view of the upcoming elections of GFI authorities on November 3, 2019, and in order to ensure full coordination between GFI, Indian NOC and FIG to resolve the situation smoothly, we ask you to send rapidly the list of electoral college to the NOC president [with a copy to FIG] for prior consideration and approval,” FIG Secretary General Nicolas Buompane wrote in a letter to GFI president Sudhakar Shetty.

“Once the NOC president has given consent, please send it to FIG for final approval. The electoral college will be definitively confirmed once approved by the NOC president and by the FIG,” the letter said.

The FIG said that it intends to send a representative to the electoral college “to assist your national federation in this process and to supervise the elections”.

“We do hope that the upcoming elections will definitively conclude the current long-term disputes and allow the GFI to resume its daily work in favour of the gymnasts and the development of gymnastics,” said the letter dated October 1.

GFI has been mired in factionalism for some time with rival groups claiming the right to run the sport in the country. The faction led by Shetty is recognised by the FIG but does not have the Sports Ministry’s recognition.