The Madras High Court has ordered status quo as of December 4 on an injunction application by Baseline Ventures in a case relating to the termination of their 10-year agreement with Volleyball Federation of India ahead of the second edition of Pro Volleyball League.

The court gave two weeks to the two parties to reach an amicable solution.

On November 18, the VFI had terminated the agreement with Baseline Ventures at their AGM at Jaipur and announced they were looking to do their own volleyball league instead of the Pro Volleyball League.

The recent High Court order has come as a huge setback to the VFI as they will have to maintain status quo and will not be able to approach or hold discussions with any franchises, sponsors or broadcasters for the next two weeks as they have to first strive to find a solution with Baseline.

VFI had been trying to reach out to the existing franchise owners.

Officials at Baseline said the order was a vindication of their stance on the totally unilateral and unjustified termination of the contract by VFI and Baseline were prepared to do whatever was best to take the PVL forward.

It is a victory for volleyball lovers and players as the league had excellent reviews and engagement in its very first season in February this year, the official added.

The first season of the PVL had created a lot of interest in the global volleyball community and the President of the FIVB, Dr Ary Graca had even announced his presence in the final for Season 2 before the VFI had unilaterally terminated the Baseline contract, Baseline claimed.

It is learnt that Baseline Ventures has sent a letter to the Executive Committee of VFI asking for time & date for a meeting.

VFI had last month terminated the 10-year-agreement with Baseline Ventures, PVL co-owners, due to breach of agreement and announced that they were looking to do their own volleyball league.

Last month, it was announced that the second edition of PVL would start from February 7, 2020.

However, VFI at its AGM in Jaipur said it had decided to amicably settle/(sent) termination notice to Baseline Ventures India Private Limited with immediate effect since they (Baseline Ventures) have breached the agreement.